Shane Homes: After-sales care
The process of buying a new home is a little different than buying a pre-lived in house. To better help potential and existing customers understand what happens after they sign on the dotted line, we talked to Paul Savoie – Quality Service Manager.

What is a Home Service Team?
At Shane Homes, our Home Service Team is responsible for the pre-possession and post-possession inspections with customers. They move through a comprehensive checklist to ensure that the home purchased meets industry standards in terms of mechanics, structure, and aesthetics.

Pre-possession inspections
Before receiving the keys to a new Shane home, our Home Service Technician completes a pre-possession inspection of their own, carefully reviewing the finer details of the home. This inspection also includes any cosmetic repairs to ensure that the customer receives the keys with their home looking its best.

Next, our Home Service Technician will conduct a Walk-through Orientation with the customer. This is where customers can expect to learn about the mechanics and how the home functions. The Home Service Technician and customer will next review both the interior and exterior of the home, including components such as windows, walls, and flooring.

If any problems are noted at the pre-occupancy orientation, the Project Manager will ensure that everything is fixed before the key release. At the time of the key release, the Home Service Technician and customer will review any past problem areas that have since been fixed.

Post-possession inspections
A purchase of a new Shane home includes a three month and one year inspection completed by the Home Service Team. This is a chance for the customer to bring forward any concerns they may notice to the team’s attention. “We want to make sure that at least in the first year, under the builder warranty, we are helping the customer as much as we can,” says Paul.

The Home Service Team calls the homeowner a couple of weeks before the three month and one year possession to set up a time for the Home Service Technician to complete an inspection.

The first step is to talk with the customer about any concerns. “We ask that customers keep track of items of a non-urgent nature,” says Paul. At the time of inspection, the team member will refer to this list of items, as well as working through their own standard multi point checklist.

These inspections give the Home Service Team a chance to assess common issues. Shane Homes is proud to report that their inspection results have been positive. “In 30 percent of the inspections in the last ten months, our team has been able to take care of any concerns during the inspection and avoid a service day,” says Paul. “That way, we aren’t inconveniencing our customers by scheduling a specific trade service appointment.”

If there are any issues that cannot be remedied at the time of inspection, an appointment will be immediately scheduled. Subsequent appointments can be anywhere from two to six hours depending on the nature of the problem.

At both inspection stages, the Home Service Technician will walk the customer through the mechanics of their home again if they need a refresher on units like the furnace, hot water tank and HRV.

What is the Home Service Team looking for?
At the three month and one year inspections, the Home Service Technician looks for abnormalities or anomalies that affect the function of the house.

For example, the Home Service Technician will record the humidity in the house to ensure that it meets standards. They check the entry doors, including the locks and seals. As well, they check the grout and tile for cracking because some cracking can lead to larger problems. If the customer has hardwood floors, they check for cupping.

Because every new house shrinks and settles, they also check the drywall. If there are any issues with the drywall, this will require the attention of the drywall companies. The drywall companies that Shane Homes works with offer a year-end touch up service. Due to a number of variables in living conditions with customers, we do not do paint touch-ups.

Dealing with irregularities
Outside of the regular inspections, Shane Homes does everything they can to remedy problems in a timely manner. “We strive to keep customers as happy as we can,” Paul says. “We go the extra mile.” If a Shane customer has any urgent issues, they should speak to the Home Service Team to set up an appointment or if outside of normal business hours, the customer can call our emergency line for assistance.