What does “Love it or
customize it” mean? 

Our “Love It or Customize It,” program puts homebuyers in the design chair. Shane offers a variety of customization options for each floorplan allowing buyers to make adjustments that suit their needs. Whether you’re looking at townhomes or single-family estates, discover a wide selection of options that will transform your home from adequate to ideal. After all, we don’t just want you to like your home, we want you to love it!  

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Love it or customize it

What can I customize?

From small customizations like upgrading your kitchen faucet to major structural changes like moving the location of your entire kitchen, Shane Homes can make it happen. Have a request in mind? We’d love to hear it! Together, we can build your dream home.

“Together, we can build your dream home.”

Is customization affordable?

With Shane Homes it is! Although the word custom is often associated with higher costs, we’re proud to offer it as a standard part of our service. Looking to move or add interior walls? No problem! If the square footage remains the same, the price is likely to do the same.

How do I get started?

The Shane Homes Build & Price is a great place to start! Simply click the button below and begin your journey. This program will prompt you to select your model and community of choice, from there you can make changes to the desired floorplan and price out your options.

Once completed, a Shane Homes Area Managers will you help finalize your plan and make further suggestions.