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When homebuyers are connected with trusted mortgage partners, they will understand how rates affect them and the many options available to help them purchase their dream home.


Homewise is a Canadian digital mortgage brokerage that is focused on providing homebuyers and owners with an easy, fast and transparent way to get their best mortgage. Homewise searches the market for over 30 banks and lenders, negotiating to secure the best rate and features available, while providing a free Advisor to guide borrowers each step of the way.


At MortgageTree​, we know that financing real estate isn’t just about securing a mortgage, it’s about what happens between the time you decide to make a purchase and when you close on the property.

As the mortgage landscape evolves at an ever increasing pace, you can have full confidence that your ​MortgageTree advisor is with you every step of the way, working on your behalf to secure a mortgage that meets your unique needs.

What NOT to do before you move into a new home.

Avoid these 7 common mistakes before you move in and close on your mortgage:
  1. Do not make any large purchase, including a lease or loan – wait until after you move in!
  2. Quit or leave your job within 6 months of possession
  3. Spend the money you need for a down payment on closing costs
  4. Do not do anything that will hurt your credit
  5. Do not take on your own or co-sign/guarantee someone else’s mortgage or loan.
  6. Do not transfer/deposit funds in the account used for your down payment that aren’t normal/required.
  7. Do not unnecessarily submit multiple mortgage applications

Interest rates shouldn’t intimidate.

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