Enjoy a private self-guided tour during our showhomes Happy Hours.

Life can be busy, and you may value privacy during the first steps of your homebuilding journey. That’s why we’ve introduced Utour, a service designed to provide you with the flexibility and freedom to explore our showhomes on your terms. With Utour, you can book your visit online and tour our showhomes at your convenience, any time of day, in Calgary and Airdrie. This ensures you have ample time to appreciate our craftsmanship and quality, helping you make the most informed decision about building your future home. Experience the ease and autonomy of Utour, and let us guide you in finding the perfect place to create lasting memories.

Celebrating 45 Years of Enhancing Customer Experience: Utour makes it easy!

Today, more than ever, with our innovative Utour self-touring service, we’re helping hundreds of families in Calgary and Airdrie move into the homes that simply makes the most sense. Utour allows prospective homeowners to tour our showhomes on their own schedule, even outside of normal hours, ensuring the most seamless and convenient experience.

Join us as we continue to look to the future, making the home-building journey an incredible experience.

With Utour, visit our showhomes at your own time and pace!

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