Tips for Placing Art in Your New Home

Homeowner Tips + Tricks November 30, 2023

By Tricha Hamstra

So, you’ve moved into your new home, unpacked all the boxes and are finally feeling settled. And you are noticing that your walls are feeling a little…bare.

Placement of art can seem like a foreign language if you don’t have practice in it. How high do I hang the canvas above my sofa? What sort of frames do I buy? Do I need art above my bed? In the post below, I am going to answer your burning questions when it comes to art. As well as throw in some tips to give you a head start on your hunt.

Where to Buy

While places like Homesense can be a great place for good priced art, it can also feel generic at times. It can be challenging to find those pieces that speak to you and feel personal.

When decorating showhomes, we will often turn to buying digital prints.  A personal favourite of mine is using Etsy, but there are plenty of other digital print sites out there. This way you can buy beautiful prints that are both personal and unique. You can then return to the box stores like Homesense for filler pieces. Here is an example of some art found on Etsy for our Delta II Showhome in Vermillion Hill.

For an even more curated look, I chose to use a local printing and framing company, Artsense. This allows you to choose the print, matting, and the frame size and colour. The great news is that this option is not much more expensive then buying a ready-made print from a big box store. Looking to save a bit more? You can always buy your own frames and have the prints sent to a place like Staples or Walmart.

How High to Hang Art Above Furniture

Adding a piece of art above your sofa or bed frame can create an anchor and focal point for the whole room. You want to make sure you hang the art at the right height so that it shows off its’ best angle. Typically, you can see art pieces in our Showhomes that hang about 6 – 12” above a piece of furniture. Take a look at this photo below from the Owner’s Suite in the Cascade Showhome in Midtown. The art above the bed is on the smaller size so it hangs about 10” above the bed frame. The frame choice and art compliments the black accent paint and brings together the décor seamlessly.

You can see another example below in the Delta II showhome in Pine Creek. These larger canvas hang closer to the media console because of their size. Hung too high and this piece would feel too close to the ceiling and disproportionate. This way the center of the canvas falls around eye level, which is a great rule of thumb for art height.

When Not to Hang Art

Conversely, not all walls need an art piece. For instance, if you are adding paneling or wallpaper, that creates its own kind of interest. You may want to simplify and have the walls speak for themselves. Take our owner’s suite in the Delta showhome in Glacier Ridge. This wall has beautiful paneling added to it. This created a detailed backdrop for the headboard with no need for anything extra.

At the end of the day, your home should have art pieces that you love. Take your time searching for those pieces that bring you joy. And don’t forget to sprinkle in some family photos too. After all, it is the memories you create as a family that make a house a home!

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