Shane Homes Interior Design Team

Holiday Decorating Tips provided by Brandy, pictured in centre
As an interior designer people are always asking how I decorate for the holidays.  I always start by putting away any seasonal decorations I have up for fall and taking out my winter decorations so I can see what I have to work with.

With Calgary traditionally being snowy and cold, I like to incorporate decorations that bring  warmth into the house.  Taking out throws and pillows you may have tucked away is a great start.  Seeing layers of throws and pillows in the house adds texture and warmth. Stack them near the fireplace on the floor or throw them over the sofa.  If you are looking for something new this holiday, Restoration Hardware’s Holiday catalog has great oversized throws in a variety of materials. Their faux fur collection looks cozy and is priced reasonably.

Andorra II Showhome in New Brighton

Orion Showhome in Nolan Hill
I find that a good way to bring holiday cheer into the house is to add things that remind you of Christmas when you were little.  I do this by gathering a few large clear glass jars and filling them with holiday items such as candy canes, hot coco, mini-marshmallows or you can go for a more of an outdoorsy feel and use faux greenery, pinecones or cranberries. Even large ornaments in clusters of colours work well. I find oversized items are the trend and make a larger statement. If you don’t have glass jars or a bowl you can use, I would suggest shopping at a home store like Home Outfitters, Bouclair Home or Home Sense to find these items.
If you like to bring more of a cozy romantic holiday feeling into the home I would suggest adding candles. You can use lanterns or large candle sticks with good sized candles on them.  Scented candles are handy for setting the mood while providing wonderful Christmas smells, such as the scent of cinnamon or sugar cookies.  I find the best place to shop for inexpensive candles is Ikea but if you are looking for more decorative candles then I would try home stores like Home Outfitters, Bouclair Home or Home Sense.
As far as lights go, I prefer using traditional white lights rather than mixing colours to create more of a romantic and classic setting.
This is the tree in the foyer of Shane Homes’ head office, decorated in white lights.
If you are entertaining guests over the holidays it is always good to keep them cozy or they may not want to come back!  I find a good way to do this is by pulling out the hot water bottles – it makes them feel like they are at home or at least happy to be away. If you are looking to buy these I would suggest Chapters as I found a few there last year and they were a great price or I did see a few in the Restoration Hardware’s Holiday catalog as well.

Well keep warm this winter!
Cheers Brandy