Newly Released Homes in Calgary & Airdrie


Through our Build & Price tool you can now verify your profile to help you make an offer on a home online! The benefit? You can shop for a new home the way you want to! 

Instructions to verify: 

1. Click the button above or follow the direct link below to go to your MyHomes portal
2. Log into your MyHomes dashboard via email or social media
3. Click 'Get Verified Now' on the top right of your screen
4. Follow the on-screen instructions to verify your identity.

Get Verified


How to Buy

1.Pick your city
2.Pick your community 
3.Pick your product type
4.Pick your new home
5.Pick your options/ upgrades
6.Get Verified 
7.Uploaded Mortgage Approval Letter
8.Make Offer

Terms and conditions
You are submitting an offer with a $1,000 deposit*; this is not legally binding until a Shane Homes representative with signing authority accepts your offer and signs the Purchase Sales Agreement. The offer will be reviewed and either declined, countered, or accepted. This is dependent on your deposit amount, mortgage approval and offer amount.
If you are uncertain of any terms in the Purchase Sales Agreement , it is recommended that you contact the area manager or seek legal advice.
Once the offer is accepted and signed by all parties, you are required to pay an additional deposit amount of $10,000* within 24 hrs. The remaining down payment due is required on the agreed upon dates set out in the purchase sales agreement
*Deposit is refundable if conditions are not waived