New Developments in Calgary and Airdrie

A better home building experience in Calgary and Airdrie’s best communities.

Live in the new home you’ve always imagined in the community of your dreams. At Shane Homes, we’re proud to offer Canadians an unmatched home building experience in new developments in Calgary and Airdrie with exceptional new construction homes, including single-family homes, laned homes, duplexes, townhomes, and condos.

We know that the home building process involves more than just selecting the perfect floorplan and design features. You need to find the right community for your new Calgary property that allows you to extend the feeling of your home beyond your doorstep. One that complements your family’s lifestyle and offers plenty of opportunities for entertainment, recreation, and growth for many years to come.  

As Calgary’s most loved home builder, we take pride in building high-quality homes in the most desired communities in Calgary, Alberta. Browse our exceptional and award-winning Calgary new home communities below. They are sure to provide you with everything you could want for your next big move. Kick off the Shane Homes home-building experience today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Shane Homes choose where to build?

At Shane Homes, we know that where you live is often just as important as the home you live in. That’s why we choose to build our new construction homes in communities where we ourselves would like to live! Like you, we look for communities with amenities like good schools, recreational facilities, and lush green spaces. And if we’re building in a new community, we ensure there are plans in place to develop that community into a vibrant place to live down the line.

We also understand that people have different preferences for the communities where they live. For that reason, we strive to offer something for everyone, whether it’s family-focused communities with ample parks and child-friendly amenities or prestigious communities that embody luxury living.

With a focus on community spirit and long-term livability, Shane Homes is dedicated to creating spaces where life’s best moments can unfold.

What is the price difference between homes in different communities?

Pricing differs between communities for a variety of reasons, which can include the cost of land, cost of development, standard home features, location and more.

Our Build & Price tool will help you gain clarity on price and how it differs depending on the community, model, and upgrades you choose. Price out your dream home today!

Where can I find a show home?

All over the city! Visit our show homes page to find all of our show homes throughout Calgary and Airdrie.

Does Shane Homes have any new developments?

We always have exciting new developments on the go! Contact us or follow us on Instagram to learn about upcoming development projects.

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