Do you remember old-school laundry rooms?  Machines placed in a corner of the basement, surrounded by unfinished walls, sharing a space with both the water heater and furnace. Unpleasant to say the least, these spaces did not encourage anyone to stay long. Luckily this is no longer the case!
Laundry rooms now are a center piece for any family home. They include sinks and clever storage systems for better functionality. All while being aesthetically pleasing to the eye. This makes them less like the unmentionable space in the home, and more like a luxury experience. Take a look at the list below for some great ideas of what to add to your laundry room!!
1) Add a Sink
This is a must-have for any laundry room! A sink right in the laundry room makes stain removal easy.  All you have to do is rinse with stain remover and throw right into the washing machine. Keep in mind this will mean adding a water line, so make sure you request this before your home starts framing.
2) Hanging Rod
If you are like me, and prefer to hang your delicates to dry, then adding in a hanging rod can be the perfect solution. A much less cumbersome solution to a drying rack, hanging clothes to dry relieves space. It also saves those precious cashmere sweaters from shrinking in the dryer!

3) Countertop above the Washer and Dryer
This Manhattan showhome in Midtown showcases a beautiful backsplash and countertop above the washing machines. This creates a built-in folding station, avoiding clothes piling up on the bed!
4) Additional Shelving and/or Cabinetry
If your laundry has the space to add cabinets or shelving, then go for it! Cabinets can be a great way to hide those items like detergent, dryer sheets, and the like. While extra shelving can be a great place to store linens and towels, leaving more space in the hall closet.


 Laundry is a part of everyday life, and arguably used as much as the kitchen for some families. So why not make it a beautiful space you feel inspired in? Try using a fun patterned tile on the floor, or a backsplash tile that compliments the kitchen for flow of design. If you’re unsure, your Interior Designer can help you with recommendations. That way the laundry room isn’t just a space for chores, it is also a place worthy of spending time in!