Interior Design Process with Shane Homes

Design September 1, 2021
Picking interior selections is an exciting step in the process of building a new home.
Do you want a modern farmhouse interior design or something more traditional? Dark or light tones? Maybe a mix of the two?
This is where you will set the look and feel of your home.
Here’s what you should know about this process when buying a home through Shane Homes.

Who am I going to meet?
You’ll have access to area experts to help guide your decisions. For picks such as cabinets, plumbing, appliances, a fireplace (if you choose to have one), lighting, shower glass, and closet shelving, it’ll be with the vendors, themselves.
Everything else will be a member of Shane Homes’ design team. These are all certified interior designers and the minds behind the selections in Shane’s many beautiful showhomes.
The interior selections meeting with Shane’s designers takes about three hours.

What happens first?
One of your first steps will be meeting with Shane’s design team to make decisions about the exterior of your home.
This includes selecting materials such as your siding, door, railings, and stone, if applicable.
All exterior selections are dependent on what’s available on the block according to the community’s architectural controls. These controls, set by the developer, set a standard for the esthetic of the community.
This includes ensuring the streetscape doesn’t have homes with the same exterior elevation or colour built side-by-side.  
To prepare for the exterior selections meeting, Shane’s senior interior designer Tricha Hamstra suggests driving through the community in which you built. 
“That way they can see what has already been approved and get some ideas from that,” she says.  

Preparing for Interior Selections
When making that many key decisions about your home, it’s good to go in with a plan.
However, with Shane’s expert designers by your side, there’s no harm starting from scratch.
Browsing Pinterest boards is one way to get a general idea for the type of design theme you want. Scrolling through a Pinterest board with the designer will give them a feel for what you have in mind.
But to get a true sense for what’s available from a specific homebuilder, zero in on their showhomes.
Whether that’s an in-person walk-through to get a sense of the textures of these selections, or done through a 3D walk-through on your computer or smart device, you’ll discover some of the options your builder can provide.
“That’s a great way to get inspiration,” says Hamstra.

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