Home Upgrades That Are Worth It

Design April 1, 2021
When builders such as Shane Homes offer quality standard features, upgrades are less necessary.
With that said, certain options can help a home buyer bring their favourite spaces to the next level. This not only elevates the current owner’s enjoyment of the home but can boost resale value when it’s time to sell and find something new.
Tiles, both floor and wall, are among the most popular upgrades, says Suzanne Widas, senior interior designer for Shane Homes.
Here’s a look at some of the most common ways buyers are choosing to go beyond the standard finish:

While standard floor tiles through Shane Homes are square in shape, there are inexpensive upgrades in a different format.
One common selection is a tile that measures 12 inches by 24 inches.
“This is a very popular upgrade and definitely more modern,” says Widas.
This is typically applied to any or all of the full bathroom, ensuite, and laundry room.
“It can be in different shapes, such as hexagons, or have a pattern printed right on to it,” she adds. “We are seeing things like that in the foyers, mud rooms, and smaller spaces like a half bath or a laundry room.”

Eye-catching tile feature walls in the shower can give the bathroom a visual boost. In some cases, the tile on the floor is continued around the shower.
In some areas of the bathroom, a little upgrade can go a long way, says Widas, singling out the vanity backsplash.

“Not a huge square footage so you can get something a bit more unique, more fun and not at a huge price,” she adds. “Something pretty, something sparkly.”
As a key area for hosting, the kitchen is often a showpiece.
Decisions around upgrades are sometimes driven by “What are my guests going to see?” says Widas.
An upgraded backsplash can make the cooking space look “higher-end,” she adds.
“We have lot of options for that, too. All different sorts of patterns and colours.”

Staying in the kitchen, some buyers seek a step up from the standard 2 cm counters.
“It may be a decision to go to 3 cm or do something more decorative in the kitchen, like a marble, or maybe something darker,” Widas says, adding the addition of a waterfall edge to one’s island is another popular pick.
This is less about elevating the visual interest of the space and more about durability.
“We get people wanting to upgrade their carpet and their underlay and it’s good value,” says Widas. “If you spend even $1,000 now, you’re not spending $8,000 to replace your carpets in 10 years. It just depends if you want to put up a bit more money now or do it later.”

Durable and elegant luxury vinyl plank is a Shane Homes standard on the home’s main floor.
While this is a material many buyers prefer, there are variations available as an upgrade.
“If people want just a bit higher end of a look, we have one that has varying width in the plank,” Widas says. “We have boards that are longer, and thickness that varies.”
With that said, she adds, “Typically people are more inclined to choose something for the colour that they like the best or the look in general, not necessarily because it is thicker.”

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