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Design November 1, 2021
Have you ever seen a home that would be ideal if only a few things were different?
Maybe you want an extra bedroom, the main floor re-configured, or the addition of a spice kitchen.
Typically, that means the potential home buyer needs to move on to other builders to try to find something that ticks the other boxes.

At Shane Homes, the conversation continues. The builder’s “Love it or Customize it” offering allows home buyers to make substantial changes to most of the floor plans it has available.
“We always say, ‘if you can think it up, we can come up with it for you,’” says Jeff Luif, area manager for Shane Homes in northwest Calgary’s Hamptons community, of the builder’s ability to customize. “That’s our niche in the market.”

If people in the market for a new home find a single-family floor plan by Shane that generally works for their needs, the builder can make adjustments to that plan, making it perfect for your family.
This includes carrying over features or design traits from other floor plans.
“People will come in and say ‘I prefer the main floor to this one and the upstairs to this other one,’” says Luif. “We can accommodate that sort of thing.”

While many builders can make minor tweaks to a model, Shane Homes has the ability to make substantial changes.
“We can literally redraw the whole upstairs,” he adds. “I’ll sit it down and make notes on what you and your family want and literally redraw that house for you, price it all out for you and have a quote for you upon our next meeting.”
Most large-scale builders do not have processes in place to support significant custom changes.
If someone likes a home in an area where Shane Homes builds “we can always come up with a plan,” Luif says.

Common changes include the addition of a main floor bedroom accompanied by a half bathroom converted into a full bathroom. This is popular among people who have elderly relatives living in the home.
The builder will also provide feedback and expert guidance to the homebuyer around whether or not the changes they request function well within the rest of the home.
For example, not all second-floor layouts can support both a bonus room and four bedrooms. The area manager you’re working with will flag this concern and recommend alternative routes to achieving what you need.

Anyone interested in learning more about custom changes available through Shane Homes is encouraged to contact the area manager in which you’re interested in buying a home. They are listed here:

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