What Exactly Is LVP?
You’ve probably heard the acronym LVP thrown around a lot when home shopping. So, what exactly it is? In this blog post I am going to break down this product and common questions you may have.
What is Luxury Vinyl Plank Made of?
LVP stands for Luxury Vinyl Plank. It is a man-made product made of various layers sealed together. One of these layers is a digital print made to look like various species of wood, like oak. The core of LVP is a stone polymer composite, or SPC. This means that the product does not absorb water, making it waterproof. Because of the strong wear layer on top, this product is also very resistant to scratches and dents.
At Shane Homes, we have two brands of LVP that we carry with varying aesthetics. Some will have a painted beveled edge between planks, while others do not, making them look more seamless. You can see an example of a beveled edge LVP in the Aries II showhome in Cornerstone:


How is LVP installed?
LVP is installed using a floating floor method, meaning that the planks are not nailed down. Instead, they are tongue and groove style that are in a click lock system. This means that the joints of the planks interlock with each other, further preventing any spills sinking through to the subfloor.
The LVP in your home will be installed perpendicular to the floor joists of your home to ensure structural integrity of the floor. Your Interior Designer will go over the LVP direction when you have your Interior Selections appointment.
Will LVP hold up well with pets and/ or kids?
If you have a household filled with canine, feline, or human critters (or all the above) then LVP is the stress- free floor that you are looking for! LVP is both waterproof and highly resistant to wear and tear, making it the perfect floor for busy families. No more worrying about your kids scraping their toys across the floor or your dog sprinting for the door when you get home. LVP also has a great warranty that can be up to 30 years residential use.
Can I use LVP in a Bathroom?
Yes! Since LVP is waterproof it can be used in areas like a bathroom. One of the benefits to is that LVP is warmer on the feet than tile on those cold Calgary winter days. It can also provide a wood texture in an area that may otherwise feel cold.  
Another great location you can use LVP is in a basement development. Since LVP is a floating floor, they can install it over your cement foundation no problem. You can even add a cork underlay for extra warmth and comfort.
Below is an example of LVP being used in the basement bathroom of our Aries II showhome in Legacy. Go to the 3D tour of this showhome for an even better view!


We can all agree that LVP is an amazing product. And the best part is that this floor is standard on your main floor when you buy with Shane Homes. LVP is a no-brainer choice for those who are looking for a stress-free, low maintenance floor. It also comes in a variety of colours too, making it easy to find a colour that best compliments your style. We can't wait to show you all the options available to you!