As an Interior Designer, I get asked this question a lot: do all the metal finishes in my home need to match? When people ask this, they are referring to their door hardware, cabinet hardware, bathroom hardware, plumbing fixtures and lighting selections.

The easy answer: no everything doesn’t need to match. However, it is a little bit more nuanced than that.
Gone are the days where you open a catalogue and choose everything matching on that page. Instead, you can play with different finishes within the home for a more curated and designer look. You can achieve this with a cohesive design style that plays off different aspects. As an example, maybe you want a more modern home and choose black and gold hardware. This might mean that you have black door handles and plumbing fixtures, but then maybe you add in some gold into the lighting and cabinet handles.

You can see an example of this black and gold combination in our Jaspur showhome in Cornerstone:


In this kitchen, there is a combination of both black and gold cabinet handles. While the pendant lights over the island are both black and gold. There is also have a touch of gold in the kitchen faucet. To bring these elements into the décor, the accessories also have touches of black and gold. This bring in a cohesiveness throughout the entire home. You also see the back and gold elements repeated in the master bathroom:

There are not hard and fast rules and you can play with combinations that speak to you. Maybe you aren’t a fan of gold and want to incorporate chrome and black. Perhaps something a little warmer in feel and you opt for oil rubbed bronze and satin nickel. Next time you are online, take a closer look at your favourite kitchen inspiration photo and see what metals they have combined. There is no shame in wanting to create a similar look that someone has already done. Design is meant to inspire, so find what speaks to you and create it in your own home.