Patterned tile is making a comeback!  You can see designer's everywhere using it.  So what is fueling this design trend? And how can you incorporate patterned tile into your own home? In this blog post, I am going to break down these points along with some great examples.
Patterned tile is fun! It adds interest and drama to a space that might otherwise feel boring. However, a word of caution: patterned tile should be used sparingly. If overdone, it can make a home feel busy and cluttered. Below are some great examples of patterned tile in various applications.
This shower in the Aries II Showhome in Legacy shows how to add a pop of interest to a simple basement bathroom. Adding tile to the back wall of this shower makes this bathroom a memorable showstopper. The key to executing this design well was installing the patterned tile on the back wall only. Too much pattern can make a small space like this feel busy.


Another great example of patterned tile is on this basement bar in our Vidora Showhome in Cornerstone. This showcases a great way you can use patterned tile on a wall as a feature of the room. Now this basement bar acts as a focal point of this basement while also being functional and easy to clean.


An unexpected example of patterned tile is in our Jaspur showhome in Cornerstone. Here the tile is installed on the back of the island. This not only adds a great design feature to the island but is also a durable option that will stand the test of time. No more worrying about the kids kicking their feet while eating breakfast!


While some say patterned tile may be a design trend, when done right, it can be timeless. The key is to choose tiles that compliment the design of your home and using it in ways that aren’t overwhelming. And if you are still unsure, be sure to ask your Interior Designer at your interior selections appointment for help!