Plumbing may not seem like the most luxurious part of the selection process. I mean, who wants to talk details about toilets anyway? But it is the functional pieces, like plumbing, that can make a big difference to your everyday life. In this blog post I will go over how to prepare for your plumbing selections, as well as designer recommendations on where to spend your money.
So what will you be selecting when we talk about ‘plumbing fixtures’? This includes the kitchen sink, faucets, fiberglass shower units, toilets, and more. Before going to your plumbing appointment, I would recommend sitting down with your salesperson and go over the standard products. For example, you may want a walk-in shower instead of a combo tub and shower unit. This is a great idea for families who may have a grandparent living with them. Or maybe you want a freestanding tub instead of a traditional drop-in tub for a more spa like feel!  You can see this in our Jaspur Showhome in Cornerstone:

It is important that you make these decisions early in the planning process, since any major changes cannot be made while construction is in process.  
Another area that it is worth spending a little extra money is your toilets. It may not sound glamorous but upgrading to a chair height toilet instead of the standard height toilet will make a big difference. After all, it is one of the things that you will use every day!  Ask your plumbing expert at your appointment what options are available to you.
When it comes to sinks, this is another area you can gain some functionality. Especially in the bathroom. An undermount sink can improve counter space, opposed to the standard top mount sinks. Changing this later can also be challenging, since it also means changing the countertop. Below you can see a double vanity with undermount sinks in our Aries II Showhome in Legacy. It also gives the vanity a sleek designer look:

Secondary bathrooms are a great place that you can save by choosing standard products. While areas that are more used and seen, such as the kitchen or the ensuite bathroom are areas you can spend a bit more of your budget. This is also something to think about if you may be selling your home in a few years. Potential buyers want to see that key areas like the kitchen and ensuite were a priority. Making thoughtful selections in these areas will impress potential future buyers.
Even though it may not be glamorous, plumbing is something that you should think about in detail. So sit down with your family and see what areas you want to make changes, and what areas you can save. And we are here to help! Ask the experts around you if you are unsure of a decision and need a little guidance.
Happy selecting!