Lighting is not something often at the forefront when thinking of the finishes of your new home. A well-done lighting package can bring together the entire design of the home. In this post, I am going to give you some tips and tricks to prepare for your lighting selection appointment.
Reviewing your Lighting Locations
Before thinking about lighting finishes, it is important to review lighting locations. Reviewing your electrical plan with your salesperson is crucial. And making sure you have ample light for each space should be gone over in detail. For instance, you might want to add pot lights or a fixture to your living room. Or undercabinet lighting in the kitchen. Below is a photo of the owner's suite in the Aries Showhome in Legacy, showing wall sconces instead of bedside lamps. A creative way to add lights that compliment this mid-century inspired house. And something you can add to your home as well! But ensure you are making any electrical changes before the framing of your home is complete.


Go in Prepared
If you have ever been to a lighting store before, you understand the choices can be overwhelming. Hundreds, if not thousands, of lights on display overlapping each other. Endless styles and finishes. It can all be a bit much. To overcome this, all it takes is some simple preparation before your appointment.
By the time that you are booking your lighting appointment, you should have a good idea of the look you want. Whether it be ultra-modern, or modern farmhouse, this will influence your choices. Take some time to gather some inspiration. Look on Pinterest or take photos of lights in showhomes that caught your eye.
Show these photos to your lighting expert, who can then show you lights with a similar look. Remember, you are not alone! All you need to do is present some ideas or preferences and your lighting rep can take it from there.
Focus on the Feature Fixtures
Unlike most builders, we don’t have set lighting packages. Instead, each home has its’ own allowance, which means the lighting options are plentiful. Fixtures that should be top of mind when deciding on your lighting should be the ones that are in plain view. Like the dining light or kitchen pendants. These are the ones that you can spend a little more on while saving on those less seen. Like in a utility area such as the laundry.  This photo below is of the dining and kitchen area of the Vidora Showhome in Cornerstone. The island pendants and dining lights both have gold accents.  This compliments the gold tiles in the kitchen backsplash.


Like most décor items, lighting is a very personal choice. While some may prefer a more eclectic look, others may default to a more polished feel. Think of what other elements there are in your home. Perhaps you want black accented light fixtures to compliment your black door handles.

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In summary, focus on the key fixtures in the home. Think of other elements you may want to carry through and find inspiration that speaks to you. Lighting can be a great way to add some personality to your home. So why not have those elements reflect you?