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Homeowner Tips + Tricks November 1, 2017
The Shane Difference: Our unique programs & services
At Shane, we love building homes; but we love the people we meet along the way even more! Our valued customers are the reason for our continued success and to show our appreciation, we are always working to provide exceptional customer service before, during, and after their new home journey. Through listening to customer needs and following up with customer surveys, we have been able to develop and refine a collection of unique programs and services to better serve our customers and ensure their needs are continually met.
Family Rewards Program
When you choose to build a new home with Shane, you become part of the Shane Homes family! As a warm welcome to the family, homeowners receive a membership to the Shane Homes Boom Rewards Program. Being a valued customer and member of the family, you will receive preferred pricing and value-added promotions from a variety of our quality merchant partners. From a fun weekend getaway and sports tickets to home and auto insurance or a relaxing spa day, The Boom Rewards Program helps keep money in your wallet. Discover the savings from the Boom Group here.
Long-term members of the Shane Homes family are eligible for even more rewards. If you’re buying your second Shane Home, you receive 10% off on home upgrades and other purchases made through our Expressions Design Studio. If you’re buying your third Shane Home, that discount increases to 15%! When you build with Shane, you become family!
Referral Rewards program
A new home is one of the most important purchasing decisions that you will ever make and we understand that finding the right builder can be difficult. When you choose to build with Shane Homes, we do everything we can to show our appreciation. Every time you refer a relative or friend and they purchase a home from Shane, we we want to say thank you! In appreciation of your referral, we want to give you $2,000 every time a referral purchases a single family home with a front attached garage, and $1,000 every time a referral purchases a street town, paired home or single family laned home! You can get your referral certificate here.
It’s just another way we show you how much we appreciate your choice to purchase a home from Shane!
Home Care
We recognize that your home is one of the most important possessions in your life. At Shane Homes, we have a dedicated team of home care coordinators and home service technicians working in unison to make sure that we are able to meet your every need.
Throughout the entire building process, we are there to work with you. You will receive emailed communications at different intervals throughout the building process to inform you of service appointments and important information re­garding your new home. This information will be emailed to you both before and after you take possession to ensure you are always informed on your new home’s progress.
From the beginning of the build to long after your home is complete, we are here to work with you. We provide all new homeowners with warrantied protection against defects in materials and workmanship of your new home for 1 full year after your occupancy date. In addition, through The Alberta New Home Warranty Program, you will receive further protection on your new home for a full 10 years on major structural items.
Home Safety
Whether it is Shane Homes staff, trades and suppliers, or our valued Shane Homes customers, safety is of the utmost importance to us. It is through our efforts to ensure safety in everything that we do that we produce a safe environment from the beginning of your new home’s construction until after you and your family have settled in. Some of the ways that we promote safety include:
  • Customer and trade jobsite safety videos:
We have produced videos that outline all of the potential hazards that could occur during the building process of your new home.
  • Safety care kit:
All Shane Homes customers receive a safety care kit for their new home containing a fire extinguisher and first aid kit.
  • Full-time Safety Supervisor:
We have a full-time supervisor on staff to help ensure the safety of our trades and customers at all times on the job site.
  • Construction Safety Training Program
All of our field staff have first aid training, carry first aid kits in their vehicles and have completed our Safety Training Program.
  • Personal protective equipment
Every single Shane Homes showhome is fully stocked with personal protective equipment including safety goggles and hard hats. Before visiting their home under construction, customers are required to sign in at the showhome to receive equipment.
Safety is always our number one concern, and we take every measure to ensure that at the end of the day, everyone goes home safe and well.
List for Free Program
When you buy your new home with Shane, you can realize even more savings by reducing the commissions on the sale of your existing home through the Shane Homes List for Free Program. As part of the program, Shane Homes will pay the Listing Representative of your existing home the entire portion owed to them by the seller. This can equate to savings of up to 50% on the commission! You can check out all of the terms and conditions of the List for Free Program here.
Through the List for Free Program, we are able to make your transition to a new home less expensive and so much easier!
Shane My Home
It’s your new home. We understand that you want to be informed and stay up-to-date with everything that is going on as your home is being built. That’s why we have “My Home”. When you buy a home with us, you will receive a personalized username and password that will allow you to access information about your new home at any time.
Through the My Home section of our website, customers can view and update their profile, view the building process of their new home including key construction dates, access their purchasing and financial documents, receive information regarding their new home’s warranty, see the browsing day schedule for the Expressions Design Studio and so much more!
Shane My Home is another great perk to building with Shane. Stay informed and in the know with every detail of your new home’s construction.
Realtor Participation Program
Shane Homes great selection of programs and services isn’t limited to customers; realtors can benefit from working with Shane Homes too! Shane Homes is happy to welcome realtors through our Realtor Participation Program.
The Realtor Participation Program is simple. On your initial visit to the showhome, the client must be registered in person with the Shane Homes Area Manager. A Client Registration agreement must also be completed in its entirety before anything can proceed. Realtors must then negotiate commission amounts and complete all agreements with the Area Sales Manager. As a condition of this program, all contracts must be executed within 60 days of registration.
Whether you are a customer, employee, trade or partner, our unique variety of programs and services have been developed to serve you better and provide you with everything you need to benefit with Shane Homes.
We are always looking for more ways to make your new home building experience easier and more fun. Through our unique selection of Programs and Services, we are able to better improve your home buying process, and allow you to rest at ease in your new home knowing that we are always there to help should something go wrong. Before, during, and after your home building journey, we will be there to help you live comfortably in your new Shane Home.

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