Which Home Model Is Right For You?

Models November 1, 2020
Part of the home buying process is reviewing all of your options. You need to explore all possibilities because you’d never want to miss out on something that catches your eye. 

When narrowing down your options, you may have to decide between a condo, laned home, paired home or a single family detached home. At Shane Homes, we’ve helped hundreds of buyers determine their needs and preferences so they could make a thoughtful, educated decision. If you’re having a difficult time deciding between a detached home model or a condominium, here are a few things to consider! At Shane Homes, we have a variety of home models to choose from in communities across the Calgary and Airdrie area.  

Benefits of Purchasing a Shane Home Detached Home Model 
At Shane Homes, we know that every buyer we encounter has unique needs and we’re committed to offering them several unique living spaces to choose from. 

Living in a detached home allows you to completely redesign your home’s interior and exterior. Furthermore, if you ever decide to upgrade or renovate major components in your home, you will not be required to seek approval from the condominium association. 

Living in a detached home offers you optimal privacy. You will not be sharing walls with your neighbours which is beneficial if you’re sound sensitive. Furthermore, the yard of a detached home is solely yours, so you can use it as you please. Also, if you’re pretty handy, you can do the maintenance yourself and not have to wait for a contracted repair! 

Benefits of Purchasing A Mark 101 Condo
Buyers that have no will or intention to manage their property should strongly consider investing in a Mark 101 condo. Maintenance is taken care of by the property manager, completely taking those homeowner responsibilities off of your plate. When an issue arises at your condo, your property manager will ensure a repairman is contacted and assigned to your condo to correct the problem. 

The price is right when purchasing a Mark 101 condo, starting from the mid $100’s! Purchasing a condo also comes with fewer expenses than detached homes do. For example, all of your utilities are included in your condo fees. This includes your water service, garbage services, and natural gas supply. Read more about condominium living here.

If you decide to purchase a condo, you will be living in closer proximity to your neighbours. You’ll be living in the same building as your neighbours and you’ll be sharing amenities with them. Furthermore, around-the-clock security will ensure you, your family, and your belongings are kept safe and secure.

If you’re torn between a detached home model and a condo, reach out to the customer representatives at Shane Homes today! We’ll help you assess your living needs and requirements to determine which property best suits your living situation. For more information, give us a call or visit our website today! 



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