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Homebuying 101 January 7, 2014

Yes we can!

“The selection process can be overwhelming for some because there are a lot of decisions which need to me made. To make the process easier we supply our customers with a what’s next letter that outlines what they need to do and when,” says Kal Macdonald, interior design supervisor for Shane Homes and Creations by Shane Homes. “We also do an orientation and walk them through the building process and explain what they can expect at different stages.”

Many homebuilders have design centres to make the selection process easier – Shane Homes’ customers can do the majority of their selections at the Expressions Design Studio, although they still need to visit various suppliers to select lighting, plumbing, appliances and fireplace upgrades. Other builders may require the homeowner to visit individual suppliers to choose all of their selections.

Regardless of how your selections are made the first priority is selection of exterior colours, front door and hardware details and elevations.“We combine this appointment with cabinet selections because they take time to produce and usually are installed early in the construction process,” Macdonald says. “People also need to select their appliances early in the process because they need to be coordinated with the cabinetry openings.”

It’s also a good idea at this point to consider tubs and showers, especially if you’re going to replace the typical standard acrylic tub surround with tile, because that needs to be done during framing. “Also think about your fireplace,” Macdonald says. “If you want to change the fireplace box and do something fancier than the firebox that is included, then it may require different framing so for our customers they would need to visit our fireplace supplier.”

Next up, you’ll need to decide on wiring for your home theatre, speaker system, computer connections and Smart technology. This is followed by selections for your plumbing fixtures.

“About eight weeks into the process you’ll be required to make your interior selections for items such as flooring, countertops, fireplace cladding, paint colours, hardware and finishes,” Macdonald says.

Finally, you’ll make decisions about customizing your closets, mirrors and shower doors and then select your lighting fixtures.”

Because the selection process is so involved, Macdonald suggests buyers do their homework on the products and finishes they want in their home early in the process. “Be informed about standards, upgrades and customization that can be done and visit showhomes and homzz.com where you can see a ton of ideas to help you create a home that reflects your style and personality.”

Kal Macdonald, interior design supervisor for Shane Homes and Creations by Shane Homes.

Source:  New Home Guide, January 3 – 31, 2014 Volume 17 Issue 1 Page 27

By Heather Ryan

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