The Power of Peanut Butter: Shane Homes’ Commitment to Community Support

Community June 28, 2024

At Shane Homes, our mission goes beyond building homes; we are invested in making a significant and lasting impact in our community. Since 2011, we have been the proud presenting sponsor of the Peanut Butter Classic, an annual charity golf tournament dedicated to supporting women and children in need.

The Origins of the Peanut Butter Classic

In 2003, when founder Heather Forsyth was planning a charity golf tournament for women, she reached out to the Calgary Food Bank to discover the most needed food item. The response was clear: peanut butter. This led to an inspiring journey; since its inception, the tournament has donated over 10,000 jars of peanut butter to the Calgary Food Bank.

Over the years, the Peanut Butter Classic has made a tremendous impact, raising more than $2.4 million, with over 98% of the funds directly benefiting women in need. This event exemplifies how focused efforts can lead to significant community benefits.

Shane Homes Tees Off on the Green

This year, our team, “the Peanut Putters”, returned to the golf course, playing with a mission. Our ongoing role as the presenting sponsor highlights our unwavering commitment to the cause and our community.

The goal for the Peanut Butter Classic’s 20th anniversary was to raise $200,000 – in the end they surpassed this goal and raised an outstanding $273,192!

Key Highlights from this year’s event:

  • A very special guest was in attendance, Paul Brand. He played a private concert for the guests and shared the importance of fighting human trafficking.
  • Over 200+ women participated in this year’s event–making the Peanut Butter Classic the largest women’s golf tournament in Western Canada.
  • To date, the Peanut Butter Classic has raised over $2.6m, with 98% of the proceeds going directly to these charities.

Who the Tournament Supports

The funds raised through the Peanut Butter Classic support a variety of vital charities that directly support women and children:

  • Alcove Addiction Recovery Support: This program offers long-term recovery solutions for women battling co-occurring issues such as addiction, mental health distress, and a history of abuse.
  • Firefighters Assistance Charitable Society: Founded to assist firefighters and their families, this society ensures that our brave firefighters have access to necessary resources during times of need.
  • Veterans Association Food Bank: A community of Veterans helping Veterans, dedicated to supporting and enriching the lives of Veterans and their families.
  • Calgary Food Bank: This organization tackles food insecurity and provides immediate support to those facing emergency situations, alleviating the stress of food uncertainty.
  • Human Traffic Initiatives, courtesy of Paul Brand.

At Shane Homes, we’re committed to building stronger communities. Through our sponsorship of the Peanut Butter Classic, we help weave a network of support and solidarity that benefits everyone involved.

As we look forward to future tournaments, we remain dedicated to this cause that touches so many lives, driven buy the belief that together, we can make a difference—one swing and one jar of peanut butter at a time.

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