The Appeal of Owning a Street Town

Models December 1, 2018
The Appeal of Owning a Street Town
Street town living is almost as turnkey as you can get with homes in this market. There is nothing easier than just being able to move into a home and start doing your thing! Delivering a modern, and trendy style, comfort, performance, and easily customized to your taste, street town homes allow flexible living and luxury to satisfy the needs of you and your family. Designed for urban lifestyles, street town homes are a fantastic option for those who want a high-quality of life with ease and without having to break the bank!
What is a Street Town?
What is a street town home, you ask? A street town, simply put, is a fee-simple townhome. These homes resemble conventional townhomes, however the buyer owns, and is responsible, for the exterior of their unit and the land it sits on. As a result, there’s no need for a condo board or condo fees (good news for your bank account). At some street town developments, landscaping, a patio, and a fence are included in the initial offer.
In a street town you may share a wall with a neighbour, but you can be sure that noise between homes these days is strongly reduced with noise-reduction materials in the wall. Now, this doesn’t mean you can practice with your heavy metal band at 2am and no one will be the wiser… this means that you can still maintain your privacy, even with a shared wall!
What’s the appeal?

For many attached homestyle communities there are Homeowner Associations or Condo Boards that essentially manage the property, and as a result, you could incur extra fees and costs beyond your control. Luckily, with Shane Homes, this is not the case. At Shane Homes you will receive no condo fees, and there will be no condo board or homeowner’s association. This is fee-simple street town living!
With a Shane Homes street town, you will enjoy low maintenance landscaping complete with a quaint backyard and beautifully installed rock in the front yard! Forget about any real lawn maintenance almost altogether as there is no need to cut any front yard grass. Think street towns would make you sacrifice family and friend hang out space? Patios are included for that BBQ and outdoor furniture set that’s perfect to hang out with the whole gang. If you have younger kids, they can easily use this pad to play outside and get some fresh air during the day!
Fencing that encloses your property is typically made up of low, or no, maintenance materials. So you can put that can of paint down. These fences are also great for privacy with the added benefit that the pets can go outside without any issues of getting lost.
Another cost-saving benefit that some don’t think of, is that a townhome generally costs less in utilities than a single-family home. Especially if you are in a middle unit with shared walls on either side, you can expect to save on heating costs during the cold winter months.
These simple features, low-maintenance landscaping and chain-link fence, will save you money down the road in maintenance costs.
Finally, most Shane Homes street towns come with a big-sized, double-detached garage that lets you park and store your seasonal equipment with room to spare.
Whether you’re just starting out, or looking to downsize, street townhomes let you control the way you want to live, without the added expense!

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