Team Trim Accelerated by Shane Homes

Community Involvement May 3, 2024

Empowering Young Talents in Kart Racing

Shane Homes has been proudly sponsoring Team Trim, a Calgary based youth kart racing team since 2022. This collaboration highlights our commitment to nurturing young athletes and building a strong, supportive community around them.

Through Shane Homes’ sponsorship, the team has been provided with essential resources, including funding to attend races, stylish uniforms, and the equipment necessary for youth racers to participate in competitive racing.

In April 2024, Team Trim unveiled their new karts, which feature eye-catching holographic red and pink colours and are adorned Team with the Shane Homes logo. The vibrant colours of the new karts not only make a bold statement on the track but also reflect the energy and passion of the racers and Shane Homes.

The two racers sporting the new Shane Homes’ karts are #53 Maryn and #66 Brooke. The two will be competing in several races across Canada during the summer of 2024.

Team Trim empowers young racers to participate in the thrill of kart racing, nurturing an environment that promotes family involvement and shared experiences in competitive motorsports. The family-friendly nature of Team Trim aligns seamlessly with Shane Homes’ vision of community involvement and our commitment to family. The races are not only competitions, but gatherings that bring people together, celebrating the thrill of the sport.

Shane Homes is immensely proud to support Team Trim and their deep commitment to family values. We are particularly excited to have two talented young ladies represent us in 2024. This sport is not only incredibly fun but also fosters family unity, which resonates deeply with everything we stand for at Shane Homes. Here’s to a great year of bringing families together through the joy of sport!

As Team Trim continues to race towards new horizons, Shane Homes stands beside them, not just as a sponsor, but as a part of their extended family. Together, they exemplify how collaboration and support can elevate sports and enrich communities.

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