Smart Home Automation

Shane Homes May 1, 2018
Do you have a smart home? If you don’t, you might want to upgrade. The future is now—and what we can do with smart home automation is pretty neat!

Wi-Fi changed the way the world connects and smart home automation is changing the way we live. We can schedule appointments, turn on music, and search the web just with the magic words Okay Google. We can dim the lights, increase the volume on our televisions, and program appliances from our smartphones. It’s like having an automated personal assistant with us at all times.

Smart home automation can be as simple as programming light switches or be a little more in-depth like home security systems. The best part is the range of tools available to customize your home. Here are a few categories of smart home tools. Just think of the possibilities!

Hubs and Controllers
These are technologies like Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Apple HomePod or Bluetooth voice-command speakers that act as the hub of your home with the ability to connect to other smaller systems. Each has a handful of subsequent options to further customize your smart home experience.

This is self-explanatory, but any security surveillance camera falls into the surveillance category. These cameras can be indoors or outdoors, watching over major points of entry. They can also be as simple as motion-sensor pet cameras. Some are only cameras, while others are complete home security systems that notify homeowners and their service providers of intruders. There are even video doorbells to see who rang without having to open the door.

Smart TVs mean that we don’t watch Netflix on our laptops anymore! Integrate your Netflix account directly into your TV so that it becomes an option to scroll through just like the cable guide. The same is possible for music and movies. Everything with the touch of a button on one cohesive system. Your smartphone can probably double as a remote control too!

Temperature Control
Automated temperature control allows for homeowners to remotely control the heating and cooling of their home without having to walk over to the thermostat. That means you can turn up the heat on chilly mornings before getting out of bed.

Cooking and Cleaning
Automatic crock pots and broilers are the latest cooking gadgets we can control remotely. As for cleaning, Roombas and other robotic vacuums are much better than their first-generation versions. Outside, automatic sprinkler systems eliminate the need to remember to water the garden and robotic pool cleaners allow more time for playing than cleaning.

Smart Home Tips
Amidst all the excitement, we have a few tips for first-timers when it comes to smart home gadgets.

First off, many of these systems require Wi-Fi connectivity, which will detract from the bandwidth available for your computers. Depending on the complexity of your smart home system, you might want to consider upgrading your internet package to suit your new needs.

Another tip: plan around your power sources. Some smart home gadgets are battery powered, while others will need to be set up close to power outlets. This could change the efficiency of the larger system you are trying to create!

Choose what works for you and your family. The best system for you might not be the best for your neighbour! With so many great options, it’s just a matter of preference for homeowners. Do a little bit of research and expect some trial and error to find a complete system that works for your home.

What smart home tools do you already use? Which ones do you want to incorporate?

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