Single Family Upgrades for Your Home

Design December 1, 2020
While a buyer’s home may already come with a high level of standard finish, a few choice upgrades can go a long way.
This master ensuite — where the heads of the household both start and end their day — is an optimal space for such a boost.  
When considering upgrades for the ensuite in a single-family home, a few options stand above the rest.

Here are three ideas from Shane Homes interior designer Tricha Hamstra:

Shower style
The most common ensuite upgrade at the Shane Homes design studio is currently tile in the shower.
“It makes the home look more high-end,” says Hamstra. “Plus, you get more options around your personal style.”
This option replaces a fibreglass shower and tub which is usually white.
“With tile, it opens the door so you can pick a lot more,” Hamstra adds.
This includes a range of colours and sizes of both tile and grout lines.
“People are loving a polished tile,” she adds. “They also love larger tiles in the bathroom.”
A measurement of 12 by 24 inches is typically the minimum tile size because it’s easier to clean due to fewer grout lines. However, subway tile continues to be a popular route, as well.
“If you choose the same tiles on the floors as the shower it makes the room look a lot bigger, too,” Hamstra says.

Grand glass
This upgrade also helps make the shower a star.
Buyers are choosing to go with a six or 10 millimeter glass door in place of the standard five millimeter glass door.
“You’re going to get more stability out of it and you’re going to get a smaller frame, too  — so it’s less impeding,” says Hamstra.
The smaller frame is even more beneficial when paired with the aforementioned tile upgrade.
You can see through it more and see the tiles,” Hamstra adds. “If people are upgrading to the tiled shower, they’re usually also upgrading the shower glass with it.”

Double up
When sharing the ensuite with a partner, additional space for getting ready in the morning or for bed is a perk many seek.
This makes dual vanities a sought-after ensuite update.
“If you’ve got the room for it, I would definitely recommend adding another vanity,” Hamstra says. “For resale value, too. People look for that.”
Depending on the size of the ensuite, sufficient counterspace may already be in place and the upgrade is only to add a second sink and the corresponding plumbing. In other cases, the upgrade involves an extension of the counterspace, as well.

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