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Community June 2, 2017
On Friday, May 26th, 2017 a naming ceremony was held at the new YMCA in Northwest Calgary.  At this time it was announced by YMCA that, a $3.5-million investment in YMCA Calgary by Shane Homes means the new City of Calgary-built recreation facility currently under construction in Calgary’s northwest is getting a new name. The new facility will be called the Shane Homes YMCA in recognition of Shane Homes’ investment in wellness.

One of two new City-owned, YMCA-operated facilities currently under construction, the Shane Homes YMCA will provide opportunities for recreation, leisure and learning through aquatics, fitness and sports facilities, arts learning and performance spaces as well as multipurpose areas, a licensed childcare and a Calgary Public Library.
“We are tremendously happy to partner with Shane Homes to bring this transformational gift to life in service of Calgarians, particularly in the northwest, “ says Shannon Doram, President and CEO of YMCA Calgary. “The Shane Homes team has really stepped up to help YMCA to ensure more Calgarians belong, grow, thrive and lead in this amazing new facility.
Shane Homes is thrilled to support health and wellness resources for families in Calgary’s northwest and in the surrounding communities.  “We are strong supporters of causes that promote health, wellness and education, and that help change people’s lives for the better,” says Shane Wenzel, President of Shane Homes. “YMCA Calgary is a perfect choice to invest our support to help Calgarians thrive in a safe, active and welcoming environment.”

Here is some exciting “behind the scenes” footage from the naming ceremony:

Construction is still under way and actually continued throughout the naming ceremony, with construction workers walking and driving by.  The building is scheduled to open in 2018. 

When we arrived, our curiousity was peaked by this red box so prominently displayed behind the podium, front and centre during the ceremony.  We needed a little patience before all would be revealed.

MC:  Ken Lima-Coelho, Vice President, Marketing and Communications, YMCA Calgary
Ken provided a warm welcome and was a masterful MC as each presenter came up to speak.

Joe Magliocca, City of Calgary, Ward 2 Councillor

Kyle Ripley, City of Calgary, Director, Recreation

Howard Shikaze, YMCA Calgary, Chair of the Board

Shannon Doram, YMCA Calgary, President & CEO

Shane Wenzel, Shane Homes, President

The Big Reveal!

It’s official, the new YMCA in northwest Calgary is named Shane Homes YMCA

 From Left:  Shane Wenzel, Shane Homes, President, and Shannon Doram, YMCA Calgary, President & CEO

Group shot of some of the key people involved in this fantastic partnership! 

Above – From Left :  Shane Wenzel, Shane Homes, President; Kelly Smith, YMCA Calgary, Chief Operating Officer; Joe Magliocca, City of Calgary, Ward 2 Councillor;  Cal Wenzel, Shane Homes, CEO/CVO; Howard Shikaze, YMCA Calgary, Chair of the Board; Evan Hazell, YMCA Calgary, Co-Chair, Power of Potential Campaign; Kyle Ripley, City of Calgary, Director, Recreation;  Shannon Doram, YMCA Calgary, President & CEO

Some of our Shane Homes team who were at the event.

Above – From Left:  Shane Wenzel, Brenden Montgomery, Kevin Taylor, Dave Rickett, Rob Maleschuk, Cal Wenzel

CTV interviewing Shane Wenzel


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