Shane Homes Spring 2017 Bi-Annual Company Meeting – Part II of II

Shane Homes May 31, 2017

Years of Service Awards

Shane Homes rewards years of service starting at 5 years and then at 5 year increments thereafter.  This is done at our Bi-Annual Company Meeting.  Congratulations to each of our recipients and thank you for your commitment, dedication and hard work!  Presented by Shane and Cal Wenzel and each recipient’s Team Lead and/or Manager.

25 Years of service

Don Quast
Gerry Hardman

20 Years of service

Jack Kushner

15 Years of service

Brenda Kasianiuk
Damon Butz
Gae Simmonds

10 Years of service

Mark Albertin

5 Years of service

Darin Berti
Jamie Ivey
Michael MacLean
Sheila Kully
Rosemary Torriero
Shaun Dunn

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