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Homebuying 101 August 1, 2021
When moving to a new place, there’s a lot to do.
Some people even put off buying a home they want and/or need because of the workload required to relocate.
To simplify this process for its home buyers, Shane Homes has teamed up with Virtuo. This is a concierge service that streamlines all of the critical elements associated with moving into a new home.
“We take care of all the not-so-fun things by human-led support through our concierge,” says Nate Edwards, Virtuo’s managing partner and co-founder.

“We match that with some really cool technology to really make that ugly part of moving a first-class experience.”
Launched in July 2016, Virtuo tackles tasks such as forwarding mail, transferring utility services, coordinating moving boxes, and the moving company, itself, among many others.
“All those odds and sods that people generally forget about, that’s now taken care of as part of the Shane Homes experience,” says Edwards.

The homeowner’s relationship with Virtuo can start from the moment their home purchase goes from pending to firm.
“In a presale environment, we’ll work with that homeowner through that presale and take care of anything they need to transition into that new home, including things they have to do in their old home,” Edwards says.
“If they have to coordinate donations, or even touch up their existing home before they sell it, we can help them there.”
Once they get moved in, the focus shifts to making the process of putting down roots as easy and stress-free as possible.

“We’ve added on some home care services,” says Edwards. “Everything from home maintenance to snow removal, lawn maintenance, and more.
“It’s an end-to-end concierge experience for all things home.”
In addition to coordinating these services, Virtuo collects and provides quotes, with an emphasis on getting the homeowner top-end value.

“We’ll shop around to get them the best deals from the best people who can deliver within the timeframe of the needs of the homebuyer,” says Edwards.
The relationship with their Virtuo concierge is executed through the homeowner’s preferred method of communication, such as phone, text, or email.

Both the buyer and concierge are also supported through the Virtuo app.
“That app streamlines the process, making things more easy and transparent so they can see what’s happening and what’s coming up next,” Edwards says.  
The Virtuo app is available for download wherever you get your favourite apps. For more information on the company and its services, visit

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