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Homebuying 101 February 1, 2021
Positive customer experience has always been a point of emphasis for Shane Homes.
Now, with a newly-created position, the award-winning builder brings this element into even sharper focus.
Liz Lipton, who has worked in the residential industry since 2007, has stepped into the role of customer experience manager for Shane Homes.

“Shane Homes is an established company that is incredible at what they do and have something really special here. I’m excited to show that off more,” says Lipton. “I think there’s a cool opportunity to build deeper relationships with the people who trust us to build their houses and I am excited to explore what that looks like for the company.”

Lipton will oversee Shane’s service team and collaborate with the builder’s other departments to look at customer experience holistically.
 “I get the exciting opportunity to look at our homeowner’s journey from beginning to end,” says Lipton. “My personal goal is to really create raving fans, create customers who want to be with us for life.”
 “We have a really unique opportunity in this industry to connect with people when they build their first home and build a relationship that will make them think about us when they buy their last home,” she adds.
 Lipton will play a role in assessing how the company interacts with customers from the moment they step into Shane’s show homes.

“That continues all the way to one, two, three, five years after they have moved into their house, and let them know that we are here for them and consider that relationship an important one regardless of how long they have been in their house,” she says. “It’s really about assessing where our touch points are right now, how we get to know our home owners and build those relationships and how we can make that even better.
“I get to look at that experience from a high-level perspective — not just taking care of issues as they arise, but how we interact with and embrace our customers.”

It’s important to touch base with customers, when possible, even when they don’t expect it.
“Giving them a call after they’ve moved in to see if they are happy or giving someone a call on their anniversary date to congratulate them,” Lipton says. “I want it to be moments where I get the chance to get to know them and see how they are doing at times beyond when they come to me.”

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