Outdoor Living: Design Your Deck and Patio Space to Meet Your Needs

Design May 25, 2018
We love embracing outdoor living in spring and summer! The best way to do that is to design a deck that brings indoor comforts to the sun outside.
However, building a deck can be a tricky process. You need to consider a few things first in order to design the deck of your dreams.
What is the Deck for?
Decide the purpose your deck or patio will serve. This will help you with the next step. Will you need seating for large parties or just for a couple of you lounging? Will you want outdoor cooking space too or just enough room for a patio table? These factors will come in handy when it’s time to design the space.
Search for Inspiration!
Do you want a raised deck or a ground level patio? What shape do you want your deck or patio to be? Rectangle or irregular? Search for inspiration online to get an idea of the styles you like. Create a Pinterest board with homes similar to yours and the decks they’ve built. Hopefully something will jump out at you so you can start designing!
Consider the Logistics.
This is the less fun part. You will need to figure out which of your dream decks will work with your home. How high will it need to be? Is your yard sloped? Are there large bumps in the terrain? Does your back door open straight to the yard or is your home built on an incline? These are all factors to consider at this stage of the planning process.
Do You Have Children?
Families with young children might want to design their deck to include slightly higher railings for added safety—especially if your deck will be significantly raised.
When Will You Use Your Deck?
Will you use your deck year-round? You might require slightly different materials or consider a slightly different design. For example, if you want to have a hot tub on your deck, you might want to build a cover over that area so you can spend time outside in the winter.
What Is Your Budget?
Your budget will also determine the type of deck or patio you design. Start by pricing out different options for materials. Will you go for the most expensive or mid-grade to save a bit of money? Decide if you will build the deck yourself or hire help. Use all these numbers to create a budget as a guideline when it’s time to purchase everything.
Collect Your Materials.
What materials will you need to actually build the space? Collect all the correct materials in one go and write down exactly what you purchased. This way, if you need extras, you will save time knowing exactly what you are looking for. Aesthetic materials like paint or stain can always be decided after your deck is complete.
Time to Decorate!
Choose patio furniture you love because you will probably be spending a lot of time with it!
Do you have plans to build a deck or patio this summer? Let us know!

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