Organizational Growth at Calgary’s Pillar Community Homebuilder and Land Developer – Shane Homes Group of Companies

Shane Homes July 21, 2022

The Shane Homes Group of Companies is proud to announce the organizational restructuring of their executive leadership group to leverage talents and strengths to support the strategic growth of the companies.

These changes include:

  • Cal Wenzel will remain CVO and has been appointed Chairman, Shane Homes Group of Companies. As the Founder of Shane Homes, Cal will continue to be involved with guiding the vision of the companies.
  • Shane Wenzel will remain President and take on the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) allowing him to continue to be involved in the vision and critical decision-making to grow the Group of Companies to its full potential.
  • Dave Rickett has been appointed to Chief Operations Officer (COO) to reflect his successful track record in leading the operations for Shane Homes Ltd. This role will now include over-seeing the day-to-day operations of all divisions of the Group of Companies.
  • Kayt Burren has been promoted to Vice-President, Finance & Accounting in recognition of her acute knowledge and pragmatic approach to finance; as well as her leadership that encourages the team to grow both professionally and personally.
  • Melanie Gowans has been promoted to Vice-President, Sales, Marketing, & Interior Design in recognition of her influential, forward thinking and customer first approach.

“No person can evolve a business without an amazing team supporting, challenging, and applying their talents daily. These changes recognize those individuals’ efforts; and so, I am proud to announce these promotions, which reflect the direction of growth for the Shane Homes Group of Companies.” says Shane Wenzel, President and CEO of the Shane Homes Group of Companies.

With the restructure of the executive leadership group, the Shane Homes Group of Companies is confident that they will continue to lead innovation in Calgary’s homebuilding sector and continue to fulfill their commitment of providing an unmatched customer experience.

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