Have you ever wondered how Shane Homes’ interior design team goes about designing a showhome?  How they pick the lot, model and options?  If they pick the design style, furnishings and finishing touches or is this something they are given?  Do they have a team that sets up furniture and hangs pictures?

Find out all the answers as we follow Brandy through the showhome design process.


Brandy has been with Shane Homes since August 2011.  She is passionate about interior design and enjoys the challenge working with new home purchasers to design their dream home and to be able to flex her creative muscles in coming up with new and unique showhome ideas.

To get started, here are some Q and A’s we asked Brandy:


Some people would call your job a dream – designing and decorating showhomes!  To help us understand the process, can you tell us a little about it?


Our interior design team consists of five interior designers and we each are assigned communities in which to help our customers through the building and design process plus we are responsible for designing the showhomes in these communities.

When it comes to showhomes, the developer tells us which lots our homes will be situated on and our VP of Sales and Marketing determines which model (s) we will showcase and which options will go into the showhome.  Months before the plan goes out to the field, we have a showhome meeting with the VP of Sales and Marketing, community Sales Team, Drafting and Design Manager, and the interior designer assigned for that community.

We discuss buyer demographics for the community and talk about what style the home will be decorated in, whether contemporary, modern, traditional, eclectic, and so forth.  It is during this meeting that we are given all of the information in order to really start the design process.


How do you start the design process?


I start by doing some research.  It is very important to see what is trending in home design and decor and to determine if its a trend that is popular and if it will be carried forward to another season.  If it is too trendy and not something that I think people will like in their home in years to come, then we tend to stay away from it.

I also look for inspirational photographs and articles and create an ideabook for myself.


What are you currently working on?


I am decorating the new Andorra II showhome in King’s Heights opening in Spring 2014.

I picked a color palette to give this showhome a fresh, crisp look.  I started with white as it is becoming very popular again for interior decor.  Then I added mid tone woods to warm it up and give it a timeless look.  In picking the colours for this showhome I also kept in mind what the Interior Designer is putting in the second Shane showhome, the Orion II.  We like to have variety in the looks of attached showhomes to suit different taste and style preferences of our customers.

This is the overall colour scheme that will be used throughout the house:

The inspiration behind my colour palette was a contemporary twist on the rustic farmhouse look.  The rustic farmhouse look is very popular but I am trying to give it some clean lines and an overall contemporary feel.  The rustic farmhouse look is becoming more popular because it reflects back to natural products such as wood and stone which comforts people.

The hand scraped hickory hardwood is warm in colour and has a very rustic feel.

The cabinets are oak which has a heavy grain but with a dark stain is less distinctive.  With the busyness in the floor and the cabinets I wanted to clean up the lines and brighten up the look so I selected white quartz countertops.  This is the trend in countertops at the moment.

As for the tile, I selected a harwood looking tile for the bathrooms and the wet bar upstairs.  I wanted to bring the warmth from the main floor upstairs as well as keep with the rustic look.  Hardwood looking tile is a great way to do this.  It is durable, practical and aesthetically pleasing.  I then selected a marble mosaic kitchen backsplash.  This brings in natural stone which has been around for centuries and therefore everyone can relate to it.  I chose a mosaic because I designed the kitchen to have a detached wood hood.  I wanted a small tile to surround it and emphasize the size of the hood.

Interior 2

Today we are seeing a lot of emphasis on the kitchen and therefore I really wanted this kitchen to look grand but feel cozy for hanging out in and for entertaining.  I think this look would work great for the eclectic customer.  The eclectic customer wants a combination of traditional or elements from the past that allow the home to feel warm and reminiscent of the past but in a contemporary setting.

Stay tuned for future Blog updates in which Brandy will provide an update on her showhome and she will  answer some of the following questions:

What sorts of trends have you stayed away from or wished you had stayed away from?

Which websites, magazines and other sources do you use for inspirational ideas?

Which websites and magazines do you recommend people look at?

What are your favourite places to shop for decorating items?

Your favourite showhome design to date?