Once you have made the decision which community you would like to build in, deciding upon a lot, builder and home style is likely next.  When comparing builder specifications, one of the many things to pay attention to is the railing spec.

Each of our homes comes with “Standard Specifications”.  These outline what type of products will go into your home and are very detailed and cover everything from the foundation walls to the door hardware.  These items are what is included in the price of your home.  Each home model on our website has the “Standard Specifications” listed. 

In this blog, when it comes to standard specifications, we will just look at railing.

Shane Homes has two Standard Specifications:  Discovery Series and Cambrian Series.

#1 Shane Homes Discovery Series Spec includes “White lacquered railing (as per plan)” and apart from the Cambrian model, all the rest of our Shane Homes models come with the Discovery Series Spec.

Fiesta II Showhome in New Brighton

Orion Showhome in Cranston

#2 Shane Homes Cambrian Series Spec includes “Maple railing with iron spindles and open riser stair to upper floor”.  Our Cambrian model has this spec.

Cambrian IV Showhome in Valley Ridge Estates

This model also features a curved staircase.

If you are purchasing a home which comes with the Discovery Spec but wish to upgrade your railing, there are many options.  Our long term supplier for stairs is Artistic Stairs.  Browse through their Product Guide for more information on types of stairs, information on the stair components and more.  They are the stair experts.  We do offer a number of stair samples in our Expressions Design Studio but if our customers would like to see more choices, they go to Artistic Stair’s showroom.

Some popular upgrades that many of our homeowners make when choosing their stair selections include:

  • Upgrading from white lacquered railing to one of the many colour options offered by General Paint.
  • Open risers as shown in the Cambrian showhome above.  In case you are not familiar with this term, open riser staircases have the back vertical portion of the step open.
  • Harwood covered treads
  • Rail options:
A.  Maple railing with iron spindles.  There are many different wood stain colours for the posts and rails and types of iron spindles to choose from to best suit your home’s and your personal style.
Tofino II (Prior Showhome in SkyView Ranch)

Tofino II (Prior Showhome in SkyView Ranch)

Tofino II (Prior Showhome in Skyview Ranch)

Tofino (Prior Showhome in Nolan Hill)

Tofino (Prior Showhome in Cranston)

B.  Lacquered railing in assorted colours with different spindle configurations and post styles:

Fiesta II Showhome in SkyView Ranch

Orion (Prior Showhome in Nolan Hill)

Another handy tip when designing your dream home is to pay attention to what is on the second floor overlooking the staircase – is there a half wall or is it railing?  Consider changing a half wall to railing for a more open look.

Tofino (Prior Showhome in Cranston)

Note the difference between the look of a half wall in this photo compared to railing in the next.


On a final note, in comparison to flooring or lighting, railing is not easy to change down the road so build it the way you want it to look not with an ‘I can change it later’ attitude.  Plus, when it is on your mortgage, the expense of paying it off will be divided amongst the term of your mortgage.  Also, the options are endless whether you want a contemporary or traditional look.  Google ‘stairs’ and you will find millions of photos.  Another option is to look for ideas on our Homzz.com website or use Houzz.com to find inspirational photos.