Midtown: Inner-city living in the heart of Airdrie

Community July 25, 2017

Midtown: Inner-city living in the heart of Airdrie
In a city with a growing population, location and accessibility are of the utmost importance to maintaining a desirable lifestyle. Midtown in Airdrie, the first community from Wenzel Developments developed in partnership with Apex Land Developments, provides residents with the ideal location: right in the middle of the city. With a population soon to grow beyond 65,000 people, Airdrie is a city growing at a rapid rate averaging nearly 5% growth per year. This fast population growth has developed a rich and vibrant city that has plenty to offer its residents. Inner-city living in Airdrie brings with it a plethora of benefits for residents. From walkable access to amenities such as shopping and parks, to financial benefits such as property appreciation, it can all be yours in Midtown. With its central location in the heart of Airdrie, the urban oasis of Midtown brings all of Airdrie to your doorstep.
Schools, shopping, restaurants, and transit are amenities that are important, but not always accessible to everyone. In Midtown, everything you need is within reach. Families at any stage in life can find comfort in Midtown as there are schools nearby for children of all ages and daycare facilities for little ones. If food is your thing, Midtown has you covered. With Sobeys, and Subway just down the road, and Cora’s, Original Joe’s, and other restaurants around the corner, the choice to eat in or dine out is yours! Not to mention, the abundance of retail outlets at Midtown Plaza such as Tim Hortons, Panago Pizza, Co-op Convenience Store, dental office, Jack’s Classic Nails and Spa and much more.
Anything you may need is easily accessible in Midtown! With Midtown’s central location, nothing is ever outside of walking distance. Located to meet residents’ needs, there is never a shortage of options in Midtown.
Parks & Recreation
Airdrie is rich with plenty of parks, green space, and outdoor recreational facilities, and many of these special community amenities are located near the city’s core. Airdrie’s Iron Horse Park, Nose Creek Park, and Gwacheon Park are all easily within walking distance of Midtown for an evening stroll with the dog or a weekend picnic. A few kilometers to the west of Midtown, the Airdrie Community Garden is also close for connecting with the community and getting to know your neighbours. Not to mention, the construction and finalization are underway for the promenade, right in the center of Midtown!
With access to so many parks and recreational facilities, residents are able to feel a sense of openness while still realizing the benefits of inner-city living in Midtown. From open areas and playgrounds for kids, to quieter areas surrounded by trees for adults, it’s easy for everyone to fall in love with Midtown’s access to gorgeous outdoor spaces.
The accessibility to the multitude of green spaces, parks, schools, restaurants, and other amenities is in no small part due to Midtown’s desire to put walkers and cyclists first. Midtown’s focal point is its central pond, promenade and pedestrian bridge, and from the pond the entire city is accessible! Airdrie has a unique regional path system that can reach nearly every corner of the city. Midtown offers easy access to this pathway system leading to more parks, open areas, neighbouring communities, and the downtown core; it brings the whole city within reach for pedestrians or cyclists.
Not only does the regional pathway system make the city and community more accessible for pedestrians, it’s safer too! The fantastic pathway system keeps pedestrians and cyclists away from vehicle traffic, adding to the convenience of Airdrie’s community pathways. Whether it is your child walking to their friend’s house, or you’re going downtown for a night out with friends, you can rest assured that the safe pathway system will get you and your family back safely to your home in Midtown.  
Live more, commute less
For many people, suburban living offers peace, quiet, and relaxation…at least until Monday morning rolls around! Whether you are commuting to work, driving the kids to school or simply going to the gym, suburban living typically means you are spending a lot of time commuting from place to place. In some cases, people spend up to two hours a day commuting around the city! The conveniently located, inner-city community of Midtown erases the hinderance of commuting; allowing residents to spend less time commuting and more time living their life.
If you don’t work in Airdrie, it’s still easy to commute to Calgary! With quick access to the Queen Elizabeth II highway, getting to Calgary for work can take the same amount of time if you lived in Calgary suburbs. Whether you’re walking, driving, or using public transit, Midtown’s central, inner-city location makes it easy to get where you need to go faster. By spending less time commuting, living in Midtown affords you the opportunity to spend more time doing what you love in life.
Property appreciation
The benefits of inner-city living branch out far beyond the lifestyle benefits outlined above. One of the most notable, but often overlooked, benefits is the impact that the inner-city location will have on the resale value of your home. In most cases, the farther away your home is from the center of the city, the lower the home value tends to be. This is based on the fact that the inner-city land and location is higher in demand than suburban communities that are away from the hustle and bustle of the downtown core and often further away from amenities.
Midtown’s inner-city living in Airdrie has financial benefits beyond many other inner-city developments. Currently, Airdrie is still developing at a rapid pace. In Airdrie, inner-city living is more affordable than it will likely ever be again. This is due to the fact that as the city develops, the inner-city property, such as homes in Midtown, will become more and more desirable.  
One day, you may choose to upsize or downsize your home based on lifestyle changes. Maybe your kids have grown up and moved out, or maybe you got a big promotion and need to move elsewhere. If that day comes, inner-city living will once again prove to be a great decision as you will move on with more money in your pocket!
In the booming city of Airdrie, the benefits to inner-city living are multiplied. From access to amenities and walkability, to the financial benefits that can be realized decades down the road, Midtown in Airdrie brings a lifestyle that anyone could fall in love with. With so many advantages, the open, urban, oasis of Midtown presents residents with a new experience in Airdrie living. Bringing the suburban lifestyle to the inner-city!
Come experience the unique experience of urban lifestyle and village charm for yourself! With street towns, paired homes, and single family front-drive homes available, there is something for every stage of life in Midtown. Visit our showhomes Monday to Thursday from 2:00pm-8:00pm and Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 12:00pm-5:00pm.
For more information on how you can call Midtown home, visit www.midtowninairdrie.com

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