After our customers move into their new home, we do two scheduled Service Appointments:

  • 3 months after possession
  • one year after possession

These appointments are each followed by a “Trades Day” to take care of any outstanding issues, which our Home Care Specialists attend as well.  After this appointment we ask our home owners a series of 5 questions to ensure that our customers are having a positive experience and that they are having their service issues taken care of satisfactorily.

We would like to send a shout out to one of our Home Care Specialists, Jason, for his exemplary service provided in New Brighton on January 11, 2017, based on this feedback from a 3 month possession appointment:

Question:  Was our Home Care Specialist on time for this service appointment?  If not, were you contacted that they would be late?

Answer: Yes, Jason was on time for the appointment.

Question:  Did our Home Care Specialist and/or Trades clean up after themselves?

Answer:  Jason cleaned up after himself and in my opinion even cleaned more than he needed to.  He cleaned the wall and baseboards under the window where the water was leaking.  

Question:  Did our Home Care Specialist address all of your questions and concerns?

Answer:  Jason addressed all of our questions and concerns.   He was able to show me why there was a problem and gave me some tips on how to try to avoid it next time. 

Question:  Did our Home Care Specialist complete all the work agreed upon?

Answer:  The work was completed to our satisfaction.  

Question:  Overall, were you satisfied with the service provided by Shane Homes?

Answer:  Yes we were satisfied.   My husband and I have always had an excellent experience with Jason.  We can’t say enough good things to explain how professional and helpful he has been.   We feel comfortable having him in our home and know that he will always fix the problem and give us some great tips.

Way to go Jason!  Thank you for all you do and for being such an integral part of our Shane Homes Team!


Please note that in this case, the water leaking from the windows was due to higher humidity in the home creating condensation on the window.  Here are some tips to help reduce the humidity in your home and thus help avoid your windows from icing up as the temperature drops:

  1. Lower the humidistat to 15 – 20%
  2. Run bathroom fans after showering and baths for 30 to 60 minutes
  3. Run the hood fan when cooking
  4. Turn the fan on the thermostat to on to distribute heat evenly throughout the home