Brandy, is taking us through her journey from design to completion.  This week Brandy will talk about furniture:

When it comes to selecting furniture, I start with seeing what is out there. I visit suppliers websites and look for items that stand out to me and that I think would pull the look together.  Then I print off spec sheets for each item.  For this showhome I am looking for something with a rustic feel, something with texture or shape to it and warm in colour.

Interior 1

I then pull samples of the interior palette that I have already selected (flooring, paint, wall tile and so on) and put the furniture spec sheets that I printed with the interior palette so I can start to picture how the different rooms will look. If I have a sample of the actual piece of flooring or wall tile I pull it from our Expressions Design Studio, but most of the time I have to use a picture  of the sample I see online and hope it looks the way I picture it.  When it comes to showhome selections we often select the newest products available, which we may not even stock in our Design Studio yet.

Furn Show Home KNG-14-145

I then narrow down the options and keep what I think looks best.  As a designer this becomes quicker and easier the more times you do it.  For non-designers this can be a bit daunting.  I suggest going through magazines or researching online to find clips of rooms with furniture you like.   Pinterest, Houzz, Homzz and Google Search are just a few to suggest to check out.  This can help when you go shopping as you have seen an item in a room setting and know you liked it.  More advice:  don’t be afraid to ask family and friends for a second opinion and don’t rush the process.  Give yourself time to mull over decisions so that you can have some confidence that you are making the right ones.

When designing showhomes,  the opening date can get pushed back or move up just like a possession date.  The opening date for this particular showhome was moved  to Saturday, March 1.  Therefore, my next step once I selected a few options of furniture for each room is to check stock and pricing.  Anything that is not in stock is out as furniture needs to get ordered right away as delivery times on furniture can range from ? weeks to ? months. Once the items in stock are left I put my favorites out on the palette and add up the budget.

Often the first choices are over budget.  Yes, we are given a furniture budget per showhome that we must follow.  As a designer you decide which items are unique and really push the concept.  It is those items you might want to spend the money on and other items may be your second or third choice which are less expensive.  I then start ordering the furniture and wait for its arrival!

Our next update will be next week when Brandy will talk about drapery and wallpaper.


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