Follow Brandy, one of our Interior Designer’s at our Expressions Design Studio, as she takes us through her journey from design to completion of the new Andorra II showhome in King’s Heights .  This week Brandy will talk about drapery and wallpaper:


When it comes to selecting drapery, I start with collecting  samples of any furniture I have such as a fabric swatch or photo, or a spec sheet that I printed off the Internet, and pull samples of what I consider to be  important parts of the colour palette (flooring, paint colour, etc).

Interior 3

Furn Show Home KNG-14-145

Bench Fabric Show Home KNG-14-145

Then I start flipping through fabric books. Sometimes I have a clear vision of what I am looking for but most of the time I try and keep my mind open as it depends what you find or what is in season/ style when you are looking.  I know it is the right one when I get that ‘feeling’.  That feeling when  I realize that although I couldn’t picture what I was looking for in a fabric initially, this fabric is exactly what I wanted.  For this showhome  I want  something with a rustic feel (bit of texture) and a subtle pattern (either large or light in colour).

I am doing a nursery in one room so I need something sweet and innocent for that room.  See pictures attached for what I found!  I can’t wait to see it all come together!

Drapery Main Floor Show Home KNG-14-145

Drapery Upper Floor Show Home KNG-14-145

Wall Paper

Yes, wall paper is in again and we have used it in some of our most recently opened showhomes including the Riviera in Nolan Hill.

Once I have selected my furniture and drapery, I determine if I would like to add wall paper.  I have a lot going on in my colour palette, so if I do, I will want it to be subtle.

I start flipping through wall paper books to see what I can find.  Anything I think might work I check with the palette but, again I find it is a feeling I get when I see the right wall paper.  I am looking for something to pull the whole vision together and to support and compliment what I have already selected.

For this showhome I decided to add wall paper in the owner’s bedroom.  I selected a wall paper with a bit of a shimmer, a subtle pattern and the colour complimented what I had already selected.

Wall Paper II Show Home KNG-14-145

I am so excited to start setting up this showhome! Stay tuned for accessories and move in day!

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