How to Select Your Perfect Lot with Jeff Brodowski

Community January 2, 2017
How to Select Your Perfect Lot with Jeff Brodowski
We want everyone who purchases a house from Shane Homes to be absolutely thrilled on move-in day! To make sure that happens, we walk our families through every step of the buying, designing and building process. “We help people right from the get-go,” said Jeff Brodowski, Midtown Area Sales Manager. That includes selecting the perfect lot.
Why is your land so important?
Many new home buyers get so caught up in the excitement of building their dream house that they forget about the land their home will sit on. “Choosing the lot is the biggest step because there are a lot of factors to consider,” Jeff said. The lot you choose impacts the design of your entire home: your floor plan, the available outdoor living space, even which rooms will see sunlight. It also affects the privacy of your property and total interior square feet.

With a new customer, Jeff starts by asking them to identify their needs. “What are they looking for in a house?” he said. “I want to know what is most important to them.” Take some time to think about what you require from your lot in order to build the house you want. Prepare your “must-have” and “if-possible” lists in the same way that you dreamt up your perfect home. Remember to keep your budget in mind throughout the process! Lots vary in price based on size, layout, location and orientation.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few options to think about.

Where do you want to build your home?
The location is especially important because each community Shane Homes builds in offers a different experience. When determining location, first evaluate your lifestyle. Where do you work and play?

When we think about a lifestyle, we realize that the location of your home within the community affects daily routines like your commute time to work, school, or extra-curricular activities. It might be important for you to live near main roads. On the other hand, cul-de-sac roads are quieter and sought after by families with young children.

While considering lifestyle in terms of location, we should talk about your preferred backyard view. In Calgary communities, your home could back onto greenspace, an alley, or a neighbour. If you’ve thought about your view, have you thought about sunlight too? Orientation determines the amount of sunlight and the time of day your rooms see those rays. “Some people want the sun all the time and some people do not. Because of the sun, south or west-facing backyards are typically at a premium,” Jeff said.

How big of a home are you hoping to build?
You can alter a home to fit the landscape but you can’t alter the landscape to fit a home. Frankly put, your home has to fit the size of the lot. “For example, some people want larger square footage in their home but depending on the size and width of the lot, there may be only a handful of lots that a larger house could fit on,” said Jeff. Depending on the depth of the lot, a larger home could fit but it would come at the cost of your backyard space. A smaller house offers more flexibility for lots.

The floorplan itself is also a factor. Do you want a walk-out basement on a sloping lot or an underground basement on a flat lot? Walk-out lots are typically more expensive than flat lots.

Other size factors to consider: larger lots offer more space for more features. People choose large yards for pools but corner lots in Calgary communities provide extra roadside parking for families with multiple vehicles. Pie-shaped cul-de-sac lots are perfect for families who dream of swimming in their backyard pool but are less than ideal if extra parking is a priority. Once you choose a lot that fits, we can customize the homes to suit your exact needs!

How much landscaping do you want to consider?
If you back onto greenspace, privacy might not be as important to you. However, if you choose a lot with neighbours on all sides, your landscaping dreams might change. “If you back onto a neighbour but prioritize privacy, you’ll want to plant trees,” said Jeff. The orientation of your land comes into play again when considering landscaping your property. If you plan to grow a large garden, will your house block the sunlight?

What is most important to your family?
When it comes to choosing the perfect lot, the definition of perfect varies between families. There is no bad choice in a Shane community. It’s about choosing the best option that meets your family’s needs.

As always, we are here to help! Visit one of our Area Managers to chat about your options.

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