Getting Your Home’s Exterior Ready for Fall

Homeowner Tips + Tricks September 1, 2018
Summer is an amazing time of year but we can’t forget that fall is fast approaching! Have your home ready inside and out for the season to avoid any unexpected issues and costly repairs. Getting your home’s exterior ready for the fall doesn’t have to be hard. Plan a day with your family and tackle these items together!
Do a roof check, even if just from your front and back yards, and look for damaged shingles, or any debris that needs to be removed. If you need to go up on the roof with a ladder, do so safely and with a spotter. Any damages to your roof need to be addressed immediately. Inspect your siding for any cracks or holes and get them repaired before winter. This will prevent moisture from getting inside your walls.
No one likes doing it, but clean out those gutters! Clear any leaves, nests, garbage, or otherwise from the gutters and repair any leaks. Unchecked clogs can damage your stucco and siding. Water downspouts also need to be clear of debris and directed away from the house. Check the seals of each door going outside and window frame for any space where air could be passing through. You wouldn’t want the cold weather to cause any hazardous buildup in these areas, not to mention a properly sealed home will keep out the cold and keep your heating costs down.
Close-off and empty the water lines running to your outside taps. While this may not be necessary in every home, in the case of an event where temperatures drop to extreme lows, the water left in your pipes could freeze and burst the pipe, causing you serious issues. Blow out any irrigation system in your yard and get it serviced, if you have one installed. Even underground pipes can freeze and burst so save yourself the trouble and book a professional to visit your home.
Trim down the lawn and apply fall-fertilizer to help protect the grass from cold temperature. This helps to keep your lawn strong before winter hits. This is also a good opportunity to quickly trim any trees, plants, or bushes down to a manageable size. Store and winterize any lawn equipment that needs to go away until spring. The lawn mower should be cleaned, and if there is any fuel in the tank left-over make sure to add stabilizer. Don’t forget to drain, coil up, and store the garden hoses. Store any seasonal furniture from the patio that can get damaged from the cold weather.
With these fall maintenance checks in mind you can keep your home in tip-top shape all fall and winter long without worry. Now that we’ve got that covered, it’s time for the fun side part of your home in fall…
Decorating for the season!
Liven up your home with light autumn colours, pumpkins of any kind, gourds, harvest-inspired goods, and orange mums! These fall classics will have your home ready for the season in no time. Go the extra mile and incorporate a hay bail into your house decorations!
Place an autumn or Halloween themed doormat on your porch to change things up. Hang a wreath or a cute seasonal sign on your door. Have a stockpile of firewood for the outside of your home that both gives it a cabin feel! Of course, you can always use the wood for a warm backyard fire.
Have fun! There are so many possibilities to decorating the outside of your home for fall, we couldn’t possibly list them all here. Create your own unique fall theme for your home!
Properly maintaining the exterior of your home can save you money, time, and effort on costly repairs or wasted energy. Enjoy the remaining weather of the season before fall and winter hit, and use these suggestions to prepare your home for colder weather.

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