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Shane Homes February 1, 2020
Innovative standard features in homes by Shane Homes are offering a new level of control that is quick and easy to use.
The builder’s Smart Home Advantage features a range of valuable devices that can be activated remotely from a smart phone app or computer.
This package worth $1,900 is now included with the purchase of every newly-constructed single-family or paired home by Shane Homes.
“Many of our buyers have told us how much they value the added security and convenience,” says Melanie Gowans, general manager, sales and marketing, Shane Homes.
Devices in the Smart Home Advantage include two Google Home Minis, a Nest Yale Wi-Fi Smart Lock, Nest Video Door Bell with Camera, Nest Learning Thermostat, Smart Things Hub, Smart Z-Wave Plugs, and Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge, Pico Remotes and Smart Lighting Dimmer Switch.
This all amounts to meaningful real-life results.

“People can make sure their kids got home from school safely, seeing them walk through the door,” says Gowans of the video door bell.
When the doorbell rings, getting to see who is standing at the door before deciding whether or not to answer, is a “huge security feature,” Gowans adds.
She also highlights how it benefits people who shop online, allowing them to see the delivery to their home happen from wherever they are.
The Wi-Fi Smart Lock is tamper-proof and offers the convenience of locking and unlocking with a single touch to one’s smart phone app.

Your in-home assistants
Google Home Minis are handy and fun. They provide home owners the chance to stay organized by using their voice to make shopping lists and modifications to their calendar. These devices also let people set their home’s indoor temperature, hear the weather, find a new recipe, pick a song to play – or even white noise, to help get a good night’s sleep. This is all possible in a range of languages.

Knowing the right conditions
This package can also help people save money on their monthly utility bills. The learning thermostat pays attention to the home owner’s schedule and automatically sets the temperature accordingly.  
“You don’t have to program it,” says Gowans. “It learns what you need.”
Studies reveal this technology is helping people save an average of 10 to 20% on heating and 15% on cooling.

Your home comes to life
To activate lights and other in-home electronics, there’s no need to be in reach of a switch.
Using a smart phone, the Caseta Smart Bridge helps people operate in-home lights, and Smart-Z Wave Plugs controls lamps, coffee machines, fans, humidifiers, and other devices.
“If you’re on holidays and wanted to look like you’re home, you can turn your lights on and off and in different rooms and at different times,” Gowans says.
For added convenience, these lights can be scheduled, as well.
Another perk for families is the ability for young children to turn on lights before heading to different levels of the home, such as the basement.
“There are so many ways to use all these different pieces and it’s all through the app on your phone,” says Gowans.

Ready for you
Each device is user-friendly and comes with a set of instructions.
Don’t worry about setting everything up. These devices will be installed through a service coordinated by Shane Homes.

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