CMSA All Stars Competition & Scholarship Recipients

Community Involvement August 8, 2014

Shane Homes and the Calgary Minor Soccer Association (CMSA) have partnered together since 2008 to ensure that youth soccer remains a sport that is accessible and affordable to all.   CMSA is dedicated to working with their member organizations to develop, organize, promote and create opportunities that allow all participants to reach their desired level of achievement within the sport of youth soccer.

On July 5 the CMSA brought together the top male and female players from across Calgary from the U18 Tier I to compete in Shane Homes All-Stars competition.  Click here to view the press release to learn more on this tournament or to view the photo gallery

Shane Homes awarded $10,000 in Scholarships to the top players who were selected by guest Coaches and Technical Directors.
boys soccer team posing for a picture

Photo compliments of CMSA

To view the male scholarship recipients click here.
girls soccer team posing for a picture

Photo compliments of CMSA

To view the female scholarship recipients click here.

Shane Homes is proud to support these young athletes and provide them with opportunities that will assist with their University Education.  We were touched to receive thank you notes from some of the scholarship recipients and would like to share them with you:

Dear Shane Homes,

I recently took place in the Calgary soccer All Star games and I would like to thank you very much for the incredible support Shane Homes has given me to get a scholarship.  What you guys are doing at Shane Homes is great and I hope to see you guys continue doing it!

Thank you, Edward M.

Dear Shane Homes,

I would like to thank Shane Homes for the support you give towards minor soccer in Calgary.  I have grown up playing soccer my whole life and with the generous support and sponsorship of Shane Homes it allows players to chase their dreams of moving on to that next level.

Thanks again,

Dustin B.

 For more info on CMSA visit their website at:

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