Clever Ideas to Repurpose Your Spare Bedroom

Design June 22, 2018
Why waste space in a spare bedroom if you don’t actually need the space for house guests to sleep? Instead, repurpose your wasted space to become a functional place in your home. Not sure where to start? We have a few creative ideas for you!
Walk-In Closet
Yes, please! If you’re a big shopper (or shoe lover), this is the obvious choice. An entire room for all your clothes and accessories is a dream come true!
Art Studio
Are you a creative type? A long-lost painter? Maybe you’re a DIY crafter with a little extra time on your hands. Transform your spare room into a dedicated art studio to let your creativity run wild again!
Fitness Studio
This is one of the more obvious options, but it’s still a great idea! No need to pay for a gym membership when you have everything you need right at home. Save time and money, and kick any excuses to the curb.
TV Room
 Most of our single-family homes come with a bonus room that doubles as a great space to put your TV, but some families might want to section off the TV area from the “family space.” Your spare bedroom could become the TV room or even a complete home theatre. Close the door for the ultimate surround sound effect.
Play Room
 If you have lots of kids and toys around your house, it might be nice to have a dedicated play space. Teach your kids to keep their toys in the playroom as much as possible. That way no one steps on any Lego when they least expect it!
We love this one because it repurposes the spare bedroom into a space that the whole family can enjoy! Fill your spare room with books for your personal library. Put a desk or two between the bookshelves so the kids can have a space for homework—and comfy reading chairs are also a must-have.
Home Office
If you work from home, you will thank yourself for a dedicated office space. It’s hard to maintain productivity in the common areas of a home, especially with kids or messes nearby. Just close the door and get to work as if you had a traditional 9 to 5. Having a dedicated office space also helps people who work from home clock out at the end of the workday.
Music Studio
Any musicians in the family? Give them a space to retreat to while they practice! You might need to consider a bit of soundproofing for the room, but that likely depends on the instrument they play.
Game Room
A game room is fun for the whole family! Add a pool table, foosball, maybe an old ping pong machine? It will be the coolest place to hang out in the entire neighbourhood. We promise—you won’t be able to keep the kids out of there!
Instead of tossing the spare bedroom idea altogether, make it multi-functional. Put a futon in the spare room, but use the rest of the space for one of these other ideas.
What do you use your spare bedroom for? We’d love to know your ideas!

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