Calgary’s Home + Design Show

Design October 1, 2013

Here’s their top 5 inspirations from the show:

5.  Live in a bubble – new innovative ideas to replace the old tent!

4.  Inspiring kitchen

3.  Thin thin thin is in.  If you think about how technology is getting thinner (TV, iphone, ipod) it makes sense that the ‘thin is in’ move is being reflected on the interior.  Great example from the show – thin countertops:

2.  Natural materials – bring the outside in.  Check out these back splash ideas from the show.

1.  Flip up cabinets are all the new rage!  By the way – we also have them to view in our Verve showhome in Legacy in southeast Calgary and in our Orion showhome in Nolan Hill in northwest Calgary!

Orion Showhome in Nolan Hill

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