Best In-Home Finishes When You Have a Pet

Design October 1, 2018
Our pets are loved and are a huge part of our lives! We would do anything for our furry bundles of joy, but sometimes they can leave wear-and-tear on your home that you don’t want! Rather than ban your pet to the backyard, choose finishes in your home that promote a pet-friendly environment. There are finish options that you can use in your home that are not only beautiful, but they are also durable enough to withstand any type of pet!
The biggest issues are without a doubt nails and teeth. Pets can use their nails to dig into hardwood floors as well as carpets and chew on any furniture, curtains, and home décor within reach. This is disastrous especially when our pets are young and aren’t house-trained yet. Of course, the other main issues are smells and stains that can be next to impossible to remove. These stains can completely ruin your carpets, for instance, to the point where it will need to be replaced entirely. So, let’s make some changes!
Vinyl – Vinyl flooring is easier to keep in good condition as opposed to a hardwood option and if it does need replacing, the process is much simpler and easier on the wallet. This is the optimal choice for most pet-owners for the simple fact that it is one of the most durable kinds of flooring to have. When installed properly, vinyl can withstand wear-and-tear as well as water accidents. Pets will feel comfortable on this grippy flooring, compared to tile or hardwood.
Laminate – Laminate is another great option that mimics the look of hardwood flooring, without all the hassle that comes with it! Cleaning up after your pet is easy on this affordable, scratch and stain resistant flooring. Just be warned that smooth and glossy laminate will make your pet slip-n-slide! Not to mention the constant click-click-click of their nails.
Tile – Tile floors have a warm, natural look while providing comfort for your pet’s feet. Any clean-up is easy once the flooring is sealed. Tile can pretty much stand up to any challenge that presents itself! This flooring may be highly durable, but it can also be slick for your pet as well.
If you are able to, finishing your home with a high-quality paint on the walls will make any clean-up far easier. Low-quality paint may smudge or scuff if you try to wipe up any mess on your walls.
Other finishing touches
Sofas – Sofas and couches should ideally be made from tough and stain-resistant fabric. Also, be sure to keep your sofa looking fresh by removing any fur build-up.
Curtains and Drapes – Cats especially love to rip up fabric curtains and drapes with sharp claws. Perhaps opt-in for wooden shades or any kind of horizontal blinds that are more suitable for curious pets. And don’t forget to keep those hanging cords out of reach!
Simple Steps to protect your home finishing
As with anything, the most effective way to solve a problem is at the source. Wipe up any messes or accidents from the floor as soon as possible to prevent any damage. Consider clipping your pet’s nails to minimize marks on the floor. Place rugs and mats at the entrances to your home to catch dirt from the inside and underneath food and water bowls to catch spills! Give your pet some toys to chew on so the furniture is spared.
Hopefully, with these suggestions in mind, you can create a home that works for you as well as your furry pal! How do you protect your home finishing and décor from your pets?

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