A Shane Homes’ Post Possession Customer Interview: Ashley

Shane Homes February 5, 2015

Ashley purchased a new home in May 2013.  We followed up with Ashley, to ask about her build and if she would do anything differently in hindsight. Ashley purchased a ‘quick possession’ home, so her purchase process was a bit different than if she had custom built her home.  Quick possession homes are perfect for people that don’t have 6 to 9 months to build a new home, and would like to take possession immediately or in a shorter time frame.

Shane Homes: You have lived in your new home now for close to 2 years Ashley. In hindsight, is there anything you would you do different if you were to build again?

Ashley: If I had a choice, I would have spent more time putting everything together as I wanted to see it. I came in very late in the process as the finishings were just being put in. This is essentially my dream home and there aren’t too many things I would do differently. I would have liked to slow down the process but since I bought a quick possession home and late into the build, I had to make lots of decisions very quickly. This was only due to my circumstances and that I was looking to move in a big hurry. Your team made the process very easy and comfortable while being respectful of the situation I was in. Offering sound advice and giving me even more confidence in your team.

Shane Homes: Was there anything you wanted to include in your new home that you didn’t, that you wish you had?

Ashley: A jetted tub. It’s a nice way to soak. I am spoiled with my bath tub already but it would have been nice to have it with jets. I also was going to do this… but I didn’t have time. I would also suggest that if you’re planning to finish your basement in the near future, that you just complete it with the new build. It just makes so much more sense. Maybe I would have put a fireplace in the bedroom too. I also could have done with a slightly larger linen closet.

Shane Homes: Ashley, do you have any advice you’d give other home owners building this plan?

Ashley: I built the Fiesta II. I definitely suggest the upgrades to this plan, for the larger nook and ensuite bathroom and to include a deck. I am lucky that when I came into purchasing this home that the items were already included! Also – it makes a lot of sense to have the expanded garage with the width extension. You’ll be very happy with it. I also had a large built-in wall unit done in the upstairs bonus room. Definitely would consider this if you’re building the Fiesta II. It’s so hard to find something to perfectly fit into the space and with the built-in, it does. I also got the idea from your design team to put granite around the fireplace instead of another tile so our kitchen matches the living room. It really ties the main floor together nicely.

Shane Homes: Any other advice you’d like to share with people looking to build a new home?

Ashley: Take your time. Listen to your design team. Choosing everything can be so overwhelming and these people are experts. Trust them! Just like the time it takes to actually build the house, it takes time to design the perfect house that will work best for your family. Think about if you have children or pets or plan to – will the format work? Little things… even down to the door knobs, flooring, paint and appliances you decide on. Homes are there to be beautiful of course but also to function for our needs. It’s an exciting experience and when you move into your new home, you want it to take your breath away. =)

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