Are you trying to décorate your condo while staying on a budget? Don’t worry we have a variety of stores to choose from without breaking the bank!

HomeSense and Winners
Who doesn’t love HomeSense? HomeSense has a selection of home décor goods with reasonable price tags. The best part about shopping at HomeSense is the turnover of inventory - your neighbour isn’t going to have the same painting as you. HomeSense is a one stop shop for all things home related as well. Pick up your kitchen chairs as you get shelving for your bathroom and don’t forget to grab the cute dishtowels on your way out!

The price is always right at Walmart. Walmart is a great store to pick up your home staples from. They have everything from candles to the new blender you need. Walmart is also a great option for seasonal décor! Easter is coming up – get your chocolate and decorative Easter bunnies in one trip!  

Who could live without Ikea? Ikea has wide selection of modern yet affordable home furniture. Ikea furniture is also packaged efficiently so you can bring home that new bed without calling in any favours! Just make sure you make your hubby a gourmet dinner before asking him to put the furniture together…  

Get a stylish bedroom furniture set delivered to your door. Wayfair has everything you need for your home at one click of a button. The perk about purchasing furniture on Wayfair is you do not have to worry about transporting the furniture. Wayfair has free shipping over $75 so don’t worry about getting hit with a high delivery fee either!

Chintz is a great place to find home inspiration if you are looking to stay on a tight budget! Chintz also has some adorable smaller trinkets for your home, such as vases. If you aren’t in a rush to buy Chintz puts on some killer sales so be patient and wait for those chairs to go on sale! 

Market Collective
Looking for a fun activity and a unique local home décor item? Check out the Market Collective in Calgary. Market Collective holds a variety of events including Christmas Markets and Pop Up shops throughout the year!
Okay so what is our final suggestion? If you shop at all these stores for your different home needs you will have a stylish condo and a healthy pocketbook!