For people looking to make this move, here are some things to think about:

Even before your search for a new condo gets serious, prepare a few bags for the donation bin.
Those jeans you haven’t worn in a year: goodbye. That lamp that’s doing nothing but collect dust: farewell.
The downsizing process can feel more feasible when done in smaller bite-sized steps.
By ridding yourself of excess items in a different room one weekend per month, the load lightens quickly.

You know that couch you’ve had for two decades that’s worn out but you tolerate because it still does the job?
Moving to a condo is the perfect reason to finally let go.
The furniture set that fit the great room in your single-family home is likely not going to work in a condo.
After selling these items through your favourite online marketplace, you can pickup a new condo-scaled collection that suits your current palette and material tastes.

Optimize your space
There are tips and tricks that help make a home feel larger.
For instance, mounting sconces and televisions on walls reduces the need for space-eating furniture.
Then there are organization tactics that clamp down on clutter. This includes wall-mounted utility holders, hanging wall racks, and ottomans that can be used as storage bins.
From an esthetics standpoint, light colours make spaces feel more open. Use of mirrors, such as a mirrored coffee table, help disperse natural light, contributing to a larger-feeling-room, as well.

Managing larger items
What about that set of golfclubs, winter tires, and the Christmas tree?
Those things can’t be tucked into a walk-in closet.
Condos at the Mark 101 include large storage units in the building’s secure underground parkade. This puts these items within easy reach and removes the need to pay monthly fees at a storage facility.

Using the den
For people who have and value a home office in their house, the Mark 101 has options that fill this need.
Some floor plans include a multi-purpose den.
“I’ve seen it used as an office,” says Brooke Hawco, area sales manager at the Mark 101, adding she has seen two desks fit. “You can use it as an office for one person or two people.
“I have also seen someone make it into a bedroom,” she adds. “We have the option to add a door on to the den, either add a swing door or a barn door.”
If these functions aren’t necessary for your lifestyle, the den also works as extra storage.