Moving can be so exciting! But it can also be stressful. Regardless of if you’re a new homeowner, a seasoned homebuyer, or even a young person moving away for the first time, with some planning, organization and practicality, moving can go from a stress mess to smooth sailing so easily!


Pre-Plan for Success

Pre-planning is key when it comes to your packing situation. Start by purging the things that you don’t need and don’t want to move. The system where you make three piles of items: keep, donate/sell and trash can work wonders here! Try selling gently used items on reselling groups like Kijiji or Facebook, or donate to local thrift stores. Lightening your load will benefit you in the end; you’ll have less to pack and less to move, and a clean slate after getting rid of old items that you’ve been hanging on for too long. 


Commit to repairing broken items or put them in the give-away pile. Be honest with yourself about why you’re hanging on to sentimental items- do you really need 10 holey sweatshirts from high school? Some items can be repurposed for your new home, for example, those holey sweatshirts that you just can’t part with can become a great memory quilt! Just be realistic and actually finish the projects you make for yourself!


Organization is the Key

Now that it’s time to pack, a few simple organizational tools will help you make packing easier and more efficient. Start by getting sturdy boxes- either purchase them or ask friends or local businesses for leftovers, or you can purchase/rent large plastic totes. Do NOT use garbage bags- guaranteed some well-meaning person will throw away your beloved Christmas ornaments mistaking the bag for trash. 


Purchase some large stick-on labels and a few big black markers. Use the labels to write your name, the room (ie: living room, dining room), and a list of the contents inside the box. It may seem like extra work but it can be so helpful when you’re looking for specific items! Some boxes even come with a list printed on the side of the box. Take the time to fill in the items packed inside and you'll thank yourself!


Give Yourself Enough Time

So you need to pick up the rental truck, move your stuff, do your final clean and be out by noon- no problem, right? 


Sadly, Murphy’s law basically says that nothing ever runs according to schedule. Give yourself extra time! Sometimes rental pickups can be delayed by hours, setting your whole day off kilter. Give yourself time to clean up, move carefully and not rush. Mistakes are more likely to happen, and accidents can cause people to get hurt when you’re rushing.


Moving Day

The big day is here- it’s finally moving day! You’re packed and ready. But you still need items for “daily maintenance”. Remember to pack yourself a day-of box: things like hand soap and a towel to wash up, paper towels for clean up, scissors or a box cutter, a coffee maker and a travel cup.


Also set aside a bag with a change of clothes for each family member. Include personal items like your toothbrushes and contact lenses, PJs, water and healthy snacks. Don’t let this one get buried in the truck as you’ll probably use the items in it as soon as you get to your new home! When you’re tired and worn out from a big day of moving, the last thing you’ll want to do is sort through boxes looking for a clean pair of socks.


Following these simple tips can make your moving experience hassle-free and easy. Best of luck with your move!