Condo living is comfortable, cozy, and convenient. There are a lot of pros to living in a small space - condos are easier to clean, your utilities tend to cost a bit less, and condos are more affordable to decorate. But over the year it’s easy to start accumulating too many things, and in a small space where everything is on display your condo can start to look cluttered. Thankfully, we’ve put together 3 quick tips to help you get your condo organized for the New Year.

1.       Purge & Declutter

New year, new you right? This is your first step to get organized and before you start buying great shelving and cute boxes and baskets! In this step, you have to be a bit relentless. We recommend taking a page from Marie Kondo and focus on keeping what’s really important to you (if you’d like to learn more, catch her series on Netflix).

Start with one room at a time. Get rid of the items that you haven’t used in a while or no longer plan on using and put them into a designated “purge box.” Some of these items may be good enough to donate or catch you a few extra dollars at a consignment store.

2.       Think Up, Not Out

Now that you have a handle on what’s going to stay and what needs to go, think about storage and in this case, shelves are your friends! You may not have a ton of floor space in your condo so maximize the vertical space. Installing simple shelving is a great way to bring order to living rooms and closets. Adding some cute boxes and baskets to hide summer clothes, guest linens, and techie gadgets will keep your condo looking organized. If you must use floor space, think small and tall. Blanket ladders are a great example of this trend and are stylish storage.   

3.       First In, First Out

To help you continue to keep your apartment organized, follow the rule - first in, first out. Decorating your condo is fun and you never know what might catch your eye at HomeSense, but when you bring something in, take something out. Honestly, you know 20 tea towels is an indulgence. 

This is also a great rule for your pantry and freezer. Trying to keep what needs to go first at the front or on top will help you cycle through what needs to get used right away. 

Living in a small space takes some flexibility and creativity. You need to focus on the things you own and make choices about what you really need. Come visit us at the Mark 101 and see how we can help you keep your condo organized!