Before you Move
  1. Change your address two weeks prior to the move, and make a list of services you will have to transfer to the new address (mail, utilities, internet, etc.) The more on top of this you are the easier the transition will be. Make sure to call a week or so in advance for services like internet hook-ups. Some technicians book days or weeks in advance.
  2. Pre-pack well in advance, label and colour-code all of the boxes, and even number each box for a roll-call throughout the moving process (label boxes on the side!). This is especially helpful if you have many hands helping who don’t know where belongings go. If you still have the boxes your home electronics came in that would also be ideal.
  3. Moving is a great opportunity to purge all the junk and unwanted belongings in your possession. Use this time to go through your closet, storage spaces, furniture, and anything you don’t want. Consider donating or selling before the move. For some items, ask friends and family if they would like anything before committing to the purge. You’ll be surprised at how much extra stuff you don’t need, and don’t be afraid to be cutthroat. If you plan on making a donation, find your nearest drop-off location, or find an organization who will come to your home and collect everything.
  4. When the place is cleared out, take care to clean as much as you can and perform any small repairs as needed, such as filling holes in the wall, replacing light bulbs, etc.
  5. If a professional moving company is needed, do your research and read the fine print. Find out what insurance you may need, what’s expected of you, what the process is, etc.
  6. It’s a good idea to pack an overnight bag with the essentials – change of clothes, toiletries, any other items you use regularly. It may take a few days to go through all the moving boxes so do yourself a favour and keep your necessities handy.
During the Move
  1. Get your friends and family in on the action to make the move that much easier. The more hands on deck, the smoother things will fall into place. Just be sure to reciprocate their time with pizza and drinks!
  2. Make sure things run smoothly by keeping all working hands up-to-date with the plan. Let them know what time to get together, the route you are taking and any other pertinent details.
  3. Clean the kitchen and bathrooms in the new home before getting in too deep. It is always easier to clean when there is nothing obstructing you.
  4. Keep extra tools and moving supplies handy in case they are needed. It is always better to be a little over-prepared.
  5. If you own pets it may be a really scary and confusing time for them. Depending on your pet’s tolerance, it may be best to consider a pet-sitter until you have moved in.
After the Move
  1. Time to dive in and start unpacking! This is where the real fun begins, as you get to see your new place take shape.
  2. You may want to keep a few friends around to assemble and organize furniture before you relieve them of their duties.
  3. Don’t forget to invite all your helpers back for a housewarming party to show that all their hard work paid off.
Helpful Moving Hacks
  1. Wrap breakables in clothing. Large items in shirts, small items in socks!
  2. Other small items and valuables can be stuffed inside shoes to maximize space.
  3. Pack plates vertically so they’ll be less likely to break.
  4. Keep Ziploc bags around for any screws or small parts from furniture you have to take apart.
  5. Take photos of how your home electronics were wired for easier re-installation.
  6. Use luggage and suitcases as moving boxes.
  7. For more fragile pieces of furniture, enlist the help of a moving company.
  8. Visit your local liquor store and ask for a bundle of boxes to use for moving. No need to pay for boxes!
  9. If the fridge is going with you, be sure to defrost a day before the move to avoid a mess.
  10. Use old toilet paper rolls to wrap up and store cords and chargers. Just remember to label the roll.
  11. For heavy items like books and stacks of magazines, pack these into luggage with wheels if you have them. Your back will thank you.
There is a lot that goes into moving. Just take a deep breath, keep your to-do list in front of you, and check off one thing at a time. Moving should be most of all exciting and rewarding – like a fresh start!